nikoleta sekulovic

Oh my word… this is the absolutely gorgeous work {acrylic and graphite on canvas} of Nikoleta Sekulovic. She was born in Rome, to a German mother and a Serbian father, and now lives in Madrid with her family. Not only do I love her work, but I also love that her entire portfolio site features her work AND her daughters running around while she works… a perfect example of a woman being an artist and a mother. Nikoleta creates large-scale portraits of women, and this is why:

‘Every single woman is different; the way my models pose reflects a part of who they are, expressing their personality. There is no pretense, no trying to act out, they are simply themselves, and that’s great. The way a woman thinks she should look or tries to conform to an ideal of beauty should not hold her back from being who she is.’ 

Ah, so beautiful! Also beautiful, this video of Nikoleta talking about her practice, motherhood, and the drive that pushes her to create.

ps. From January 28th until February 22nd some of her work can be seen at Rebecca Hossack Gallery in London.

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  1. Kendra J. Dow /// 01.25.2020 /// 8:17am

    As a past model for life drawing classes, I really appreciate this work! So simple, so honest. Thank you!!

  2. Kendra J. Dowd /// 01.25.2020 /// 8:18am

    Oops, spelled my last name wrong in previous note! THIS is correct!