“social media ‘n ketchup chips”

Yep, he’s back! Minneapolis based artist / gallerist Terrence Payne has returned for a second installment of … “PAYNE POINTS WITH TERRENCE PAYNE”. Today we’re tackling the good, bad and ugly around social media… what to do and what to avoid. He’ll also be telling us some insane stories about tattoos and potato chips, because he’s him. Let’s get started, shall we? You can listen right up there under that blob of butterflies, or subscribe here.

First up, a look at the sloths Terrence was talking about for his latest show {titled “Stand Ins” that opens on February 8th at Rosalux Gallery in Minneapolis!}:

The amount of work he puts into each piece is just insane… hence the work in progress shot above, once he begins drawing.

Here is another piece for the same show, with a different type of WIP image:

Yep, that’s the digital version that he figures out on the computer. See? So many steps just to get to the “coloring” phase.

Ah yes, and I have to show you this…

The baby devil skeletons that the bathroom construction guys assumed was for Halloween. Fair enough 😉

And finally, I know Terrence said ‘no photos of your dogs and babies’ on your art feed, but since we talk about his sweet dogs and his amazing wife, Carolyn, so much, I thought I better throw in this little gem from a couple of years ago:

Awwww… and now you can see the face that goes with the voice you’ve been hearing! Thank you so much to Terrence for sharing his wisdom… and ridiculous stories; thanks to the THRIVE Network for supporting this episode; and as always a HUGE thank you to you for listening! ART FOR YOUR EAR is slowly climbing up to the top of the list in the Visual Arts category on Apple Podcasts, so if you wanna help it get to the top I’d love a rating/review to make that happen 🙂 Thanks! There won’t be an episode next weekend because I’ll be flying to MAUI {yassssssssss}, but I’ll be posting a brand new episode from there the following week. See you then! ~ Danielle

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comments (6)

  1. Barbara Johansen Newman /// 01.29.2020 /// 2:20pm

    I could listen to Terrence tell stories all day. Oh, and that was a very helpful episode, as well. Thank you!

    Of course, now I want Ketchup Potato chips.

  2. the jealous curator /// 01.30.2020 /// 7:01am

    hahaha! me too (to both… listening to Terrence AND eating ketchup chips!)

  3. Angela Mascolino /// 02.01.2020 /// 11:08am

    I’ve already replayed parts of this episode. Every episode of AFYE is fabulous but this one has the potential to really help me and so many artists attain our 2020 goals! Enjoy your HI excursion!

    With appreciation,
    Angela M.

  4. Vivien Fleisher /// 02.02.2020 /// 9:22am

    I loved this episode sooooo much. omg there was so much good info in it plus the Terrence humour!!!! I also loved the length of it…lasted me several car trips!

  5. the jealous curator /// 02.06.2020 /// 10:38am

    haha! perfect!

  6. Michelle Gallagher /// 02.07.2020 /// 12:02pm

    This was brilliant so funny & informative x

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