natalie lanese

Gouache and collage on paper … WHAT? Oh my word, I absolutely love these pieces by American artist Natalie Lanese {Toledo, Ohio based}. The dizzying lines, the vibrant colors, and those cut-out hands… I LOVE IT ALL. Just imagine how fabulous it would be if these were large-scale installations? {Wait for it…}


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  2. Amy Tingle /// 02.01.2020 /// 5:16am

    Three words: pigeons and Coney Island. WOWZA. I am totally inspired to stop working so small.

  3. Angela Mascolino /// 02.01.2020 /// 11:01am

    So incredible! I’m fortunate to be able to visit Natalie’s Rosemary Clooney mural often since it’s in my city! Thank you for sharing her work!

  4. Ann /// 02.01.2020 /// 12:56pm

    I love the movie, White Christmas sooooo much. Clooney is phenomenal in that scene…loved seeing this!

  5. Sarah Crane /// 02.01.2020 /// 2:03pm

    So striking! Scrolling down I didn’t think it could get any better and then the cherry on top…a mural done of Rosemary! SO many heart eyes for this work.