stephanie h. shih

Stephanie H. Shih explores concepts of home—not just as a physical place, but also as cultural, generational, and emotional spaces we inhabit—through the lens of Asian-American identity.”

Okay, my mouth is watering because of ceramics. YUM! This is fantastic work of Brooklyn based artist Stephanie H. Shih. I wrote about her golden dumplings when they were part of a group show in San Francisco last year, but I scrolled past that Sriracha bottle on Instagram this morning and immediately started writing this post. Sixteen sculptures from her current body of work will be exhibited at the American Museum of Ceramic Art {Pomona, CA}, March through August of 2020. If you go, you should probably have plans for dim sum immediately afterwards, because I have a feeling you’ll be craving dumplings and spicy sauce!

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  2. Steve Frenkel /// 02.18.2020 /// 6:32pm

    Precious, funny and done just right.