yuliya martynova

Aaaaaaaaaand exhale. These dreamy paintings are all part of a series titled “Blue Bay” by UK based artist Yuliya Martynova. Yep, she’s based in London and was born in Kazakhstan, but clearly has a love of tropical waters … as do I. As a matter of fact, as you’re reading this, I’m on my way to Hawaii! My plan is to experience several of these washy blue dreamscapes… headfirst! Happy Friday.

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  1. Ana /// 01.31.2020 /// 9:15pm

    Oooh, so soothing!

  2. Jane Denman /// 02.01.2020 /// 10:44am

    I love these paintings- they look effortless and I know that this takes a big leap of faith with water based media. Really brightened up a grey post Brexit day thanks for posting Jane