stephanie cormier

Ceramic sculpture that looks like collage … collage that look like ceramic sculpture … LOVE!!! This is the work of Toronto based artist Stephanie Cormier, and this is a lovely sentence that I pulled from her artist statement that sums up her work for me:

“There is a special attention to wonder, speculation and the limits of human understanding and expression.”

Yep ♥

comments (5)

  1. kelly witmer /// 01.31.2020 /// 8:41am

    Love this work!

  2. Lily despic /// 02.01.2020 /// 12:41am

    Little vignettes with soothing color palettes…so inspiring…ciao

  3. Amy Tingle /// 02.01.2020 /// 5:21am

    Love these! Her work reminds me of my friends Adam Frezza & Terri Chiao a.k.a. CHIAOZZA. Their exquisite plant collages + sculpture gardens always make me so happy – and now these do, too.

  4. Michelle Gallagher /// 02.07.2020 /// 11:55am

    This is really interesting, fabulous 3D collage

  5. Michelle Gallagher /// 02.07.2020 /// 11:56am

    Love these 3D collages

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