katie kimmel & lorien stern

Oh, well hello match made in ceramic heaven!!! Yep, it’s true, American artists Katie Kimmel and Lorien Stern have a two-person show, titled “Very Rare”, opening {virtually} at Hashimoto Contemporary in New York… well, the show isn’t virtual… it’s actually installed, but the opening will be happening tomorrow night, Saturday April 4th, ONLINE! Yes, the gallery will be doing an Instagram live walk through of the show tomorrow, and both Katie and Lorien will participate from their homes in California. Ah, technology. Here is the description of “Very Rare”:

“Drawing on their mutually playful sense of humor, Kimmel and Stern contemplated what is considered ‘very rare’, and how we come to define and categorize something as such. For Lorien Stern, this theme was utilized to place a spotlight on exotic, extinct and near extinct animals, as well as rare versions of the artists well known ceramic shark heads, finished in gold luster. One notable work is a 2+ foot tall albino Komodo dragon, standing upright, tail wrapped around itself and tongue sticking out, while cheekily displaying its long, light blue perfectly manicured finger and toe nails.

Alternatively, Katie Kimmel created a series of ceramic awards and trophies, “haunted fruit”, as well as collectible items such as kitschy memorabilia reminiscent of card store trinkets and stamps. Patron Saint of Friday’s , a large ceramic bust, pays tribute to the working class chain-restaurant waitress, suspenders full of “flair”, proudly carrying a grinning cheeseburger and fries to her next table.”

The gallery will also have a bunch of unique pieces and merchandise from each artist made especially for “Very Rare”… hence making it very rare {see what I did there?}. In addition, a collaborative limited edition print will be released titled “You Are Good” {shown above}. $10 from each print sale will be donated to No Kid Hungry, who are working with schools and food banks to ensure children don’t miss meals due to Coronavirus school closures. These pieces will be available on Hashimoto’s site starting on Thursday, April 9th. Love.

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