olivia bonilla

I like, totally, can’t solve a Rubik’s Cube… but if it had been covered in neon icing, maybe? . The 1980s, cupcake-loving, teenage girl in me has found yet another crush. This is the work of South Carolina based artist Olivia Bonilla, and these are her words about this work:

“I am creating a world where color theory meets sculpture. My work explores personal nostalgia and indulgence through references to sweets, toy culture, and 80’s and 90’s retro flare. I’m interested in the idea of excess in today’s throwaway society. Through my sculptures I convey a “sugar coated” reality filled with over-stimulation and re-appropriated ideas. Sprinkled pills, oversized diamonds, toys of an era, splashed with glitter and a wet gloss finish. My sculptures explore the emotional desire of always wanting more, in combination with glutinous shiny landscapes who reveal childhood colors of cotton candy blue and bubble gum pink.”

Nailed it.

ps. People often ask me how I find the artists I write about, and I always say, “it starts with one artist and then I end up going down a rabbit hole of amazingness”. In this case, I found Olivia via Miller Gallery, while I was over there writing Monday’s post about Angela Chrusciaki Blehm. How could I not come back with these, too!?

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