sarah detweiler

Triangles, and embroidery, and toile, oh my! I’ve written about the powerful work of Philadelphia based artist Sarah Detweiler before, but I just had to give you a look at her latest ongoing series, titled “Hidden Mother”. The work is absolutely gorgeous, and as always, Sarah has put a lot of personal thought and reflection into each piece. Here are a few excerpts from an interview she did with Create Magazine:

“My recent work is a reflection of my personal experiences of motherhood, pregnancy loss, and resilience … Conceptually, I have been exploring the rainbow as an archetype and the identity of a mother through the Victorian “Hidden Mother” photography trend, where mothers would drape themselves in cloth to conceal themselves while holding their children still for long exposure photographs.”

Okay, that’s super weird! I want to know more, don’t you? Apparently she’s been posting the behind-the-scenes info to her Instagram stories, so follow along right here.

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  1. Sandra /// 04.23.2020 /// 9:45am

    Absolutely gorgeous!