kaye donachie

Oh my word, I am in love. These oil paintings are the work of Glasgow born, London based artist Kaye Donachie. Dreamy and narrative… I want to know everything about all of these women. Here’s a little snippet from an interview with Kaye that gives a little glimpse into that:

“My paintings primarily refer to literature, biography and archival imagery. I have an interest in the early twentieth century avant-garde women who contributed to art and culture but remain marginalized figures in history. These women have a clear sense of identity, represented through their writing and art, and as muses … Many of the women I refer to are liberated modern thinkers. Their biographies are sparse but that affords a space in which to interpret narratives in my painting and representation.” ~ Kaye Donachie, Excerpts from 2018 Interview with Elephant.art 

Sigh. So beautiful.

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  1. Bradford /// 05.27.2020 /// 10:05am

    SO beautiful! I love the mood these evoke – a little dreamy, a little melancholy. And it all makes sense after reading the excerpt of the interview. Really stunning work.