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Oh my word, YES. I’ve been watching the “in progress” images show up on his Instagram feed for months, and finally, New York based painter Will Cotton‘s cowboys ‘n unicorns are ready to ride! His brand new show, titled “The Taming of the Cowboy”, opens this Thursday May 28th at Galerie Templon in Brussels, and runs until July 31, 2020. Here is the statement from the gallery’s press release:

“In a nod to his country’s political schizophrenia in the midst of the electoral campaign, Will Cotton offers a new take on the myth of the cowboy, symbolizing the conquest of the West. His large, ostensibly classical oil paintings portray a surprising encounter between triumphant cowboys and their fantastical steeds: pink unicorns. The figure of the cowboy evokes a strong sense of American masculinity, associated with freedom, manifest destiny and a culture of violence. In contrast, the unicorn — particularly when pink — reminds us of a more contemporary mythology that has in recent years taken possession of the little girls’ section of toy and clothing departments everywhere. Questioning the notion of gender, the exhibition explores the relationship between the sexes along with the hypersexualization of childhood, the notion of queer, and the LGBT movement, whose global mascot has recently become the rainbow unicorn.”

Okay, I didn’t think it was possible, but now I love these oil paintings even more. 

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  1. Kim Ans /// 05.27.2020 /// 9:22am

    I love these! So, everyday I come to this website to choose artwork to show my high school students and I thought you would like to know. Normally I would show them artists, at the beginning of class and since we have had to start remote learning (I’m in Fort St. John, BC) I have been using the artwork as a daily check-in. Sometimes I have the students choose between 2 works of the same artists, sometimes is a similar subject matter or a contemporary artist and an artist from art history. Its made my job a little easier and I still get to show my students fantastic contemporary art. Thanks!

  2. the jealous curator /// 05.28.2020 /// 8:46am

    thanks amazing, kim! thank you!

  3. Bradford /// 05.27.2020 /// 9:46am


  4. Peg grady /// 05.27.2020 /// 12:50pm

    These are just wonderful…painted exquisitely and saying so much and they’re fun! Bucking unicorns stabbing cowboys. Naked cowboy with a tan line. Wish I could see these paintings in person!

  5. pat mcculloch /// 05.27.2020 /// 7:03pm

    These paintings are are so clever, painted to perfection, add comic relief to a highly controversial subject to some, I love them!!

  6. will cotton - Afar News /// 05.29.2020 /// 12:41am

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  7. Jane Philipps /// 05.30.2020 /// 5:46am

    Wow, these paintings are fantastic! Thank you for sharing.