erika stearly

Ahhh, I want to spend the weekend in alllllll of these paintings by American artist Erika Stearly. Also, if we’re talking about things I want, I’d also like all of the lamps and potted plants she has so beautifully painted into these quiet, comfortable, homey spaces. Which brings me to this question? Are these places real? Kinda…

“She’s found inspiration in vintage home remodeling magazines, the IKEA catalog, photos taken in friends’ houses, searching sublet rental ads on Craigslist, and most recently though Instagram.

Using a combination of watercolor and acrylic paint, Stearly quickly sketches in the setting. Despite being loosely rendered, exaggerated and often brightly colored, the collection of domestic items depicted still manage to evoke the sense of a particular place. Stearly’s paintings are often titled by street address.”

Sigh… so dreamy. A few of Erika’s originals are available on, and you can find prints here. Happy weekend.

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  1. margot carr /// 05.30.2020 /// 5:43am

    wonderful work !

  2. Vikki drummond /// 05.31.2020 /// 9:55am

    Just had to comment. This work gives me such a thrill. I love it. The idea that these are “imagined” spaces is even better. How wonderful. These places all feel happy and free to me. I want one!