“the fortress of solitude”

Oh, HELL yes! The power of vulnerability displayed as brass knuckles topped with some very beautiful / badass quartz. Do you remember this “ring”? I wrote about it waaaaay back in 2011… and now it’s in the Smithsonian! Yep, American sculptor Debra Baxter is my guest today. I’ve been following her ever since that first post, so it’s about time I had her on the podcast. You can listen up there under that stunning piece of wearable art, or subscribe right here.

Ok, let’s start off with a quick reference. For some of you, this will be a trip down memory lane… and for you youngins, an education. I give you Superman’s Fortress of Solitude, 1978:

Sigh. I was in love with him. Anyway, yes… those crystals! Clearly this would have an impact. How, after seeing this as a kid, could Debra not start making art that looks like this:

Oh, boy. The crystal brass knuckle collection… and this isn’t all of them! I know this is older work for Debra, but damn, it’s just too good not to show! It’s like having the Fortress of Solitude on your frickin’ hand!

But wait, there’s more. Here are the absolutely stunning pieces you can find in Debra’s jewelry collection:

Gasp! Absolutely stunning… and the reason for the rustling sound at the beginning of the episode. Hey, totally worth it!

Next up, the #30DayArtQuarantine. Oh my word, these are just a few of the pieces Debra made every day for 30 days:

See? How on earth could I ever pick a favorite? It’s impossible. A few of these pieces are being released TODAY via Form & Concept Gallery in Santa Fe…  Here’s an interview she did with them about this series, and a link to the 5 available pieces.

Next, a little look at the two-person show Debra did last year, with Vancouver based artist Rebecca Chaperon, at Roc La Rue Gallery in Seattle. This is the post I did for that show:

Aren’t they perfect together? Dreamy, mystical, all of it.

And finally, THE PAPER BAG. I have to put it in all caps because I cannot even begin to imagine carving something like this:

… and it’s not even finished yet! Keep an eye on Debra’s Instagram feed for #WIPs of this beauty. Thank you so much to my fellow sculptor {I’m manifesting this} for chatting with me, and thanks to YOU for listening to us. See you next week for a new episode of ART FOR YOUR EAR.

Other links:

  1. Debra on Instagram
  2. Debra’s jewelry: DB/CB
  3. Upcoming jewelry collab. partner: Susanna of Mineralogy Project 
  4. Roq La Rue Gallery, Seattle
  5. Form & Concept Gallery, Santa Fe / 30day sculptures in their shop


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