rhonda wheatley

Oh my word. I couldn’t type fast enough when I found the work of American artist Rhonda Wheatley {and ps. if you need a bio photo, make it look like that one!}. Rhonda does all sorts of things from mixed media to performances, but for me… it’s all about her “Power Objects”. The final piece above, titled “Power and Energy Amplifier: Increases power and healing energy one receives and/or sends to others”, is exactly what I need right now. A vintage mannequin hand, barnacle cluster, titanium quartz crystals, cholla cactus wood, and acrylic paint… yes, please. Here is a beautifully poetic excerpt from Rhonda’s artist statement:

“My work is grounded in the speculative, metaphysical, and spiritual, and through it I explore healing, consciousness expansion, and transformation. As an energy healer, I imbue my work with meditative focus and intent. Each sculpture is attuned to the combined energies and symbolism of my materials—vintage found objects and electronics, as well as organic and natural materials, including fossils, cicadas, barnacle clusters, moss, and shed snakeskin. I treat these materials as ingredients that flavor each piece with purpose and power.”

Purpose and power, indeed. Speaking of which, as of today, I will be taking a break from my daily posts for a couple of weeks while I recover from surgery. See you on the other side. ~ Danielle

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  1. Brittany /// 06.10.2020 /// 3:30pm

    Wishing you an easy surgery/time in the hospital and a quick recovery! Sending you lots and lots of love from the Mitten!!


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