“mimi and the mitfords”

Yep, as promised today’s guest is LA based artist, cartoonist, writer and graphic novelist Mimi Pond. I had so many questions for her – from her early days in New York, to a hamster show in California – and lucky for us, she had all of the answers. Mimi’s comics and graphic novels are filled with crazy stories, mostly from her own life, so you know she’s a good story teller! Listen right up there under Mimi’s self portrait, or subscribe right here.

First up, two gigantic projects… her first two graphic novels, “Over Easy”, and “The Customer is Always Wrong”:

I had to include that Instagram post with her book mug in the shot… A. because that mug is kinda perfect, and B. her hilarious captions about things like killer blueberry bread is just one of the many reasons I follow her!

Next, a bunch of her earlier illustrated books. They’re, like, totally awesome:


Hilarious! Speaking of hilarious… Mimi’s currently in progress graphic novel, featuring her latest obsession:

Ahhhh, I love it all. The stories, the illustrations, that lovely blue, and oh my word… the hand lettering! I’m not sure when this fabulous Mitford Sisters book will be out, but I’ll keep you posted.

Alright, this is a little random, but I purposely asked Mimi about this in the Not-So-Speedy-Speed-Round so that I could include a few snippets from this weird ‘n wonderful real life adventure. “A Squeak From The Void”, 2013:

Hahahaha! But there’s more. The whole story is right here.

And finally, a little look through the Pond/White family album, starting with Mimi in high school:

Oh, Mabel Brown ♥ … that is a really, really great stick! Thank you so much to Mimi for doing this with me {thanks to Wayne for asking her for me}, and of course, thanks to you for listening. I will be taking the summer to recharge and get more interviews lined up for SEASON FIVE of ART FOR YOUR EAR starting in September! ~ Danielle xo

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comments (2)

  1. Marc Cardwell /// 06.16.2020 /// 8:17am

    i laughed at the end, when you asked mimi where she would go, and she went back into a mitford story. i wonder if wayne was groaning when he listened.

  2. the jealous curator /// 06.18.2020 /// 2:03pm

    haha! i wondered too 😉

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