summer 2020

I just thought I’d jump in here with a little update on, well, where the hell I’ve been.

In a couple of days, it will be four weeks since I had surgery. I thought I’d only need a week or two off from posting, but boy oh boy, I’m still having pain and, oof, I’m exhausted. For those who don’t know, I had my uterus and several large (thankfully, benign) tumors removed. The incision was much larger than expected, about 10 inches across my abdomen, and there were a few complications during recovery. ANYWHO, I realize this is way too much information, but thought I should share in case you were wondering where my daily posts had gone. That said, I’ve been on Instagram 24/7 sharing artists’ work, their process videos, and whatever else I can find! If you want a daily dose of art, I’d suggest following along over there for the next little bit. Honestly, I’m not sure how many people even come to this site anymore? Anyone? Anyone? Are you there?

I will be back here with regular posts once my energy comes back. I’m bored out of my mind, but too tired to care. Thanks for hanging in there with me! ~ Danielle xo

STUFF TO DO {if you’re as bored as I am}:

1. I have a Skillshare class that launched in early June that I’d LOVE for you to check out… it’s all about creative breakthroughs thanks to aha moments I’ve experience from other artists like Amy Sherald, Wayne White, Ashley Longshore, Kate Bingman-Burt, Terrence Payne, Kirstin Lamb, Sarah Gee Miller, and Mark Bradley-Shoup. I’m really proud of it, and I hope it brings you an aha moment… or 8!

2. The image above is from my latest sketchbook for The Sketchbook Project at the Brooklyn Art Library. My theme is “Mother Nature during Quarantine”, and I’m using pressed flowers that I picked on walks this spring in combo with found images. You can do one too, if you wanna! Check them out right here.

3. I’ve started a collaboration with Joseph Gordon Levitt‘s, HITRECORD! The first project is a collective collage. I’m working on two pieces reallllllllly slowly, but they’re coming along. Again, feel free to join in on this if you’re looking for something to do during this weird, socially distanced summer.

4. I haven’t announced this officially, but I’m also at the VERY beginning of gathering tidbits for a short documentary I want to make. Again, this is through HITRECORD. It’s all about the impact teachers have had on your creative life… both good and bad impacts {you know which story I’ll be contributing, yes?}.  I’d love for you to contribute your story to this project! Check it out right here.

5. And I can’t not mention this… my kids’ book, “How To Spot An Artist – This Might Get Messy” is available for preorders and will be on shelves all over the world on September 1, 2020. I had a huge book tour planned which, of course, is on hold now. I’m disappointed, but the second we’re allowed to travel safely again, you better believe I’m going everywhere and reading this to every single art kid (young and old!). psst… Canada, you can find it at Chapters or; Australians, it’s on FishPond; Europe, check your big book chains or THANK YOU!

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  1. Jessica Lindblom Brice /// 07.05.2020 /// 11:42am

    I still come here! ♡
    And wishing you all the best with your recovery. Sincerely. x

  2. the jealous curator /// 07.05.2020 /// 11:47am

    oh, that’s good to know! thanks jessica 🙂

  3. Tess Dillenberger /// 07.05.2020 /// 11:57am

    I’ve missed you! Glad to hear that you’re healing…slowly. Wish you could be here in the cool N.W. forest…I’m cutting paper, making crazy words & eating brownies in quarantine. Love your new book, Danielle….x

  4. Juliet /// 07.05.2020 /// 12:12pm

    I’m here! Always enjoying your words and perspective and wishing you a full recovery. Thank you for sharing beauty in this world.

  5. Bradford /// 07.05.2020 /// 2:18pm

    I come here for nearly every post, Danielle, and I suspect your fans/readers do the exact same. I just don’t think people tend to comment as much as they used to back in the day when we were blogging upstarts. Sorry that the healing is a slow going but slow and steady win the race am I right? I know you’re anxious to hit that pool of yours with that glorious view but rest up, lady works-a-lot! We’ll be here. xo B

  6. Cheryl Hansen /// 07.05.2020 /// 3:45pm

    Yes, I am here too! IG can be hit or miss depending on when the feed happens. Here I am able to gaze for as long as I want. Please continue! I wish you Godspeed on your recovery! No one ever tells us that surgery is a major thing or we would never consider it! You got this!

  7. Mary-Anne Wensley /// 07.05.2020 /// 3:50pm

    Hi Danielle – I’m new to instagram and just seeing your site now. I love it!!! I had the same operation back in 2004. I made an animation called “Day of the Uteri” – I plan to post it on instagram if I can find the hard drive it’s on! I can send you stills from it. Could you send me your email for submitting work? I’m unable to get your email address as it tries to open email that I don’t have set up! Thanks!

  8. Steph Donnelly /// 07.05.2020 /// 4:17pm

    Thanks for the update. Love your latest work.
    Take care of yourself and take your time – life’s not going anywhere.
    Rest up and accept all help offered to you.

  9. Candy Le Sueur /// 07.05.2020 /// 4:18pm

    Hi Danielle,
    So enjoy your posts and your work.
    It always takes longer to heal than one imagines so take it slow.
    Sending positive energy,

  10. Saffron Craig /// 07.05.2020 /// 4:31pm

    Thanks Danielle, I am so glad to hear your news. Take care. ( you sound like you are;)
    I regularly visit this site. I still enjoy blog post!I I probably visit here more than on insta.
    Kind regards
    Saffron Craig

  11. pola /// 07.05.2020 /// 7:00pm

    Yea, I like this website too, so I check regularly.

  12. Cynthiabarnesart /// 07.05.2020 /// 7:55pm

    I’m always here and never tire of hearing your ideas and thought! Take care if yourself!

  13. Lisbeth Neigaard /// 07.06.2020 /// 1:05am

    Wish you all the best! I love your work!

  14. Leslie-Anne /// 07.06.2020 /// 4:35am

    I’m not on Instagram but I do come here every day and I’m so inspired by what I see.
    Get well soon.

  15. Gordon Leverton /// 07.06.2020 /// 4:59am

    Just started to follow you and glad I did.

    Speedy recovery and thank you for supporting us Artists!

  16. Melissa Farris /// 07.06.2020 /// 6:45am

    I’m still here! I follow you on insta and FB too, but I love to see the expanded posts on individual artists here on your blog too! Hope you’re on the way to recovery and feeling less uncomfortable. What an ordeal!

  17. the jealous curator /// 07.06.2020 /// 7:08am

    thanks for your responses, everyone! i’m trying to decide if i continue with the site the same way (daily posts) or use it for something else. but i won’t decide right now… back to the couch!

  18. isabel margolin /// 07.06.2020 /// 8:40am

    I was wondering where you went. Get better soon. I’ll check out your instagram page.

  19. Genevieve Moore /// 07.06.2020 /// 8:49am

    Hi Danielle, thanks so much for the update (I was starting to worry!), and I hope you continue to recover quickly. I read your blog via RSS feed, so it probably doesn’t register as a visit. Thanks for the heads up on IG, I started following you there now as well. I do hope you keep up with the podcast episodes! I like to listen to them as I work. Stay well! –Gen

  20. Carolyn McCarthy /// 07.06.2020 /// 9:06am

    I come here every day! I use your daily beauty as my homepage. I start my day with it and bounce back to it throughout the day to keep me sane and breathing. Thank you for still posting here. Please take good care of yourself: take all the time you need. Wishing you well.

  21. Tamara /// 07.06.2020 /// 10:11am

    I only recently discovered this blog, so I’m working my way through all the old entries, as well as visiting regularly for new stuff!

  22. Lori /// 07.06.2020 /// 1:53pm

    I’m new to your site and I love it! Your Skillshare class is amazing and inspiring! Wishing you healing and happiness!

  23. Kathy NZ /// 07.07.2020 /// 1:18am

    yip, of course your website is curated but it feels more raw than Instagram, so I look here daily.
    Thanks for telling us so you have more dimension than the work you gather for our enjoyment.

  24. bruna /// 07.07.2020 /// 9:35am

    wow. i was imagining you had a simple knee scope. boy, was i wrong!!!! it sure doesn’t sound like you’ve been lying around malingering, either. take as long as you need to get back to what we love.
    i’m gonna check out your latest endeavours. and i wish you a solid recovery and good summer.

  25. Wendy D /// 07.07.2020 /// 4:28pm

    Missed your posts, and I am glad you are on the mend. Your site is one of my inspiration stops before I get my creative ball rolling. Thanks for shining a light on creative spirits near and far!!

  26. Christine Sheets /// 07.08.2020 /// 8:32pm

    Danielle, I have your site as my default homepage so that I have a little bit of happiness when I turn my computer on. 🙂
    Here’s to a speedy recovery!!

  27. AB /// 07.09.2020 /// 1:02pm

    Love the site and not on insta, would be lost without you as I find so many great artists here.

    Good luck with recovery 🙂

  28. dawn wolfe /// 07.09.2020 /// 8:59pm

    of course we are here, and yes we were wondering where the hell you went! Knew something was up, and while that surgery sounds tricky, am very glad you are resting and see the light at the end of the tunnel.
    you have had quite a year….
    xoxo, Dawn

  29. the jealous curator /// 07.09.2020 /// 9:45pm

    ha! thanks dawn… yes, the past year and half has really done a number on me! grateful for lots of things, but pretty flippin’ tired 🙂

  30. Liz Hughey /// 07.10.2020 /// 5:55am

    I’m here! I LOVE this blog. I’m a poet, and I come here for inspiration all the time. Take care of yourself! Thank you for all you do for art and artists!

  31. Juanita /// 07.10.2020 /// 11:21am

    I enjoy coming to your website vs the ‘gram!!! It’s a bookmarked page for me 😉 Danielle, please take care of yourself, and let others do for you…. as you have undoubtedly given so much of your self to others over the years. One day at a time for your good and solid recovery, cheers.

  32. jan /// 07.10.2020 /// 8:27pm

    I am glad to hear that you are healing and feeling better, take care and all the best with your recovery. This is my first ever comment. So I check out your site all the time; but, I do not feel the need to comment. I come here to this site, and I feel inspired, and I try and paint when I can. Thank you…the silent appreciator of your website.

  33. San J /// 07.11.2020 /// 8:26am

    Still here after some years and very happy that so are you!
    Had you off in Europe enjoying a summer art jaunt – finding
    new artists for our enjoyment and edification. Hope your
    continued healing process is now painless and soon completed.
    Looking forward to the Jealous Curator’s return. Thank you for compiling and sharing artwork that I would be oblivious of otherwise.

  34. Shelli /// 07.11.2020 /// 1:50pm

    I hope you feel better soon! Take care of yourself! I LOVE getting art in my mailbox! It brings me a lightness and joy every week!

  35. the jealous curator /// 07.12.2020 /// 9:48am

    thanks so much, everyone! i’m coming back this week 🙂

  36. Rebecca /// 07.12.2020 /// 11:21am

    We are here! Keep going! you are enough! ” You is smart. You is kind. You is IMPORTANT”. This has been a beautiful and refreshing outlet for us all. Thank you for all you do for the art loving community!

  37. summer 2020 - Five Shouts Out /// 07.14.2020 /// 3:34am

    […] Source: […]

  38. celine zammit /// 07.15.2020 /// 11:05pm

    I love your curation Danielle. I prefer this medium to Insta but good to know you are doing that too, you busy bee!! I wish you all the best for your recovery.

  39. the jealous curator /// 07.16.2020 /// 11:42am

    thanks, celine 🙂

  40. Anika /// 07.16.2020 /// 2:12pm

    Sending well wishes!! I love the site. I’ve been trying to avoid social media for a year or two and so am happy you still post here :). Sounds like you have a lot of exciting things in the works-I look forward to hearing more!

  41. Rivky /// 08.19.2020 /// 11:43am

    Sorry to hear that you are going through something so major, physically and emotionally. I wish you a full recovery. Please do keep this blog, it’s wonderful and nourishing, and it’s so important that good content doesn’t all get swallowed into instagram and facebook. I love coming here for the art, the artists, their statements and their stories. Best wishes.

  42. the jealous curator /// 08.19.2020 /// 10:00pm

    thank you so much, rivky!

  43. Alysa /// 09.05.2020 /// 7:17pm

    I’m glad you’re recovering, even if slowly and with complications! I follow you on Insta and come to your website OFTEN! I’m a middle school art teacher and I send kids here to find new-to-them artists and to see the amazing work not always mainstream. THANK YOU and I look forward to your return to website posts <3 <3 <3

  44. the jealous curator /// 09.07.2020 /// 8:55am

    oh, thanks so much alysa! good luck with the return to school xo

  45. Noe /// 10.06.2020 /// 8:27am

    I’m here, from Spain! Thank you for your work! it’s wonderful.
    I wish you a full recovery.
    BEst wishes,


  46. Noe /// 10.06.2020 /// 8:29am

    I’m here, from Spain! Thank you for your work! it’s wonderful.
    I wish you a full recovery.
    Best wishes,


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