janna watson

Ahhh, the dreamy work of Toronto based painter Janna Watson. I have loved Janna’s work for years, and every time one her new paintings scrolls by on Instagram, I gasp! That said, seeing her work online just doesn’t do it justice… her WIP images help though! So. Big. If you happen to be in Toronto you can see her work in person right this very moment. Her latest solo show, titled ‘Falling Forward’, is currently hanging at Bau-Xi in Toronto from June 4th till June 20th, 2020. Janna’s work is always very personal but mysterious at the same time, hence her description of this show:

“This body of work represents the movement of energy from the mush of the unconscious, and translating this into some kind of human reality.”

‘Mush of the unconscious’. Nailed it.