tawny chatmon

Oh. My. Word. This is the absolutely stunning work of American photographer Tawny Chatmon. Yes, photographs. Well, that’s where these Klimt-inspired beauties begin. Here is part of her statement that explains why, and how, she does what she does:

“The primary theme that drives my art practice today is celebrating the beauty of black childhood. I am currently devoted to creating portraits that are inspired by artworks spanning various art periods in Western Art with the intent of bringing to the forefront faces that were often under-celebrated in this style of work. 

My camera remains my primary tool of communication, while my constant exploration of diverse ways of expression moves me to add several different layers using a variety of mediums. After a portrait session is complete, I typically digitally manipulate my subjects and unite them with other components to achieve a work that is a new expression. Often lending to them the eyes of someone their elder and more wise and almost always exaggerating their hair and features in a celebratory way. Thereafter, I may superimpose antique patterns and textures, collage vintage botanical and wildlife illustrations, or add hand-drawn digital illustration. If I feel I am not yet complete, after each portrait is refined and printed, I may combine paint and gold leaf adding ornamental elements inspired by 19th-century artworks. By experimenting with various art practices, I allow myself to follow no set of rules while creating instinctually and fluidly. Each layer serves its very own meaningful purpose.”

Beautiful on so many levels.


comments (2)

  1. Jennifer Melnick /// 07.14.2020 /// 3:45pm

    I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE Tawny Chatmon’s work. SUCH a celebration of beauty, on so many layers!

  2. Ivonka /// 09.20.2020 /// 12:31pm

    I am also jealous of so much talent! Sublime!

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