bernice lum

Bowling pins! This is the funny, kitschy, and beautifully painted work of Toronto based artist Bernice Lum. Her current solo show, titled “A Spoon Full of Sugar”, is filled to the brim with altered bowling pins and is showing at Galerie Youn in Montreal until July 18, 2020. Here is Bernice’s statement, which sheds a little light on all of this fabulous nostalgia:

“Bernice Lum has been telling stories through her work by revealing a little bit of her story through a sense of humour, play and wit.  

Born in 1963, bowling and Wednesday evening drives to Dairy Queen were a weekly event for the family. Even her older brother was born while her father was playing in the finals of a bowling tournament which became the inspiration to her new series … a diary of stories within every pin, and a body of work that pays homage to her late brother and father.” 

So beautiful. And, as Galerie Youn so perfectly says, “A spoonful of sugar may not be the cure for COVID-19, but will help bring a smile, ‘In a most delightful way.'” Ah, yes, we could all use a little sugar.

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