jean paul langlois

These acrylic paintings are the work of Vancouver based, Métis artist Jean Paul Langlois. He has so much great work on his site, from huge outdoor murals {I watched this one being painted!}, to a series about ape soldiers arriving in the Old West… but, I just had to share these paintings from his ongoing series titled “Fake Indians”. Here are his words:

“This ongoing series is inspired by film and television that used white actors to play roles as Indians. Not just extras or background but well known character actors. Often those depicted were inaccurate, racist stereotypes. The more I began to look for it, I realized how pervasive this casting was. I could find a Fake Indian in almost every TV series or movie I watched. Western serials, spaghetti westerns, sitcoms, Disney films, everywhere. Big name actors and actresses too, from Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz to Don Adams and Burt Reynolds. 

As a person of Métis ancestry, I find the idea of Fake Indians interesting. I carry a card in my wallet identifying myself as an aboriginal person but have virtually no connection to the culture or history of my people. I feel as disconnected from that reality as William Shatner in White Comanche… I’m a Fake Indian too.”

Interesting, insightful, AND beautifully painted… Love.


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  1. De Selby /// 07.20.2020 /// 8:05am

    Thx for this. Hard to paint having to keep ankle higher than heart–broken foot. De

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