leila fanner

Sigh. This dreaminess is the work of South African artist Leila Fanner. Quite a few of these pieces are oil on canvas, but you might also find pastel, acrylic, and gouache in there too. Most of the paintings above are from Leila’s ongoing ‘Picnic’ series… ahhh, drinking tea in a South African, flower-filled garden? That sounds perfect. Also, perfect… Leila’s enthusiasm. Literally. Here is part of her artist statement on the subject:

c. 1600, from Middle French enthousiasme (16c.) and directly from Late Latin enthusiasmus, from Greek enthousiasmos “to be inspired or possessed by God, be rapt, be in ecstasy,” from entheos “divinely inspired, possessed by God”

“The dominant focus as I work is the quality of my thoughts and the connection to emotion during the creative process. I always try to create from a place of inspired action or enthusiasm. Often, negative and painful thought patterns can come to the surface as one works, because art creation is a deeply cathartic experience. Solitude also evokes deeply held memories and emotions. Keeping my focus clear, honest and joyful is a discipline similar to meditation. This is the unseen ‘art’ that comes with each piece of work. My subject matter is either figurative or abstract representations of the ‘dream or unseen’ world, filled with versions of South African flora and fauna.”

Yes! Happy Monday… may your week be filled with “inspired action and enthusiasm”.

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