andré schulze

This is the work of German artist André Schulze … and three other artists: an unlisted artist who clearly loves horses, W.Engelhardt 1930, and J.Vahlert 1928. That’s right, these originals are painted on other originals. A lot of artists who work with vintage landscapes typically use mass-produced prints, but not André. Perhaps that’s because he has expertise in this area… yep, he’s also in the business of repair and restoration! He really knows what he’s doing… and then from time to time he turns your grandmother’s painting of a horse into a flamingo! I wrote about his work, that doesn’t have others’ work underneath it, way back in 2016, but when I found those horses I just had to show this ‘Vintage’ series. Here’s what Andre says about it:

“In my ‘Vintage’ series I am concerned with the restoration and remodeling of old paintings from the period between 1900 – 1960. I change the content of the picture with the utmost respect for the artist’s work and create a new work of art. It is particularly important to me not to destroy the work, but to enrich it. I am fascinated by the traces of aging and painting technique of my original works, which I also like to consciously leave in the picture. It is important to me to keep important areas in the original painting and to keep them visible.”

So good. Now, if you’d rather not have a smiley cruise ship entering your fjord, just go for the cleanup package… I, however, will take that cruise ship, an aqua cottage, and at least one or two flamingos.

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