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Loooooove! This is the colorful, wonderful, whimsical work of Japanese artist En Iwamura. I had to keep uploading new images as I wrote this post, because I just kept finding more of these lovely little heads! I discovered most of them through the gallery that represents his work in the US, Ross + Kramer Gallery  … and guess what? They happen to be showing his work right now at their East Hampton location until December 13th, 2020. Here’s his bio from the gallery site:

… His interest in art started with having two painters as parents. When applying to art school in Japan, where he earned his BFA and first MFA at the Kanazawa College of Art and Craft, he first thought he would follow their path but instead chose ceramics as a medium. This three-dimensional choice allows him to experiment with the viewer’s experience of occupying space concurrently with his work. He references this relationship between negative space, viewer, and object back to the Japanese philosophy of Ma. Finding the most comfortable Ma between people, places, or objects can create a specific relationship with that person, place or object relative to an exact moment in time. More than just being three dimensional, clay is also in itself a very historic medium, which helps Iwamura further explore his interest of specific moments in time. To the artist, “Ceramics last longer than human life, and we will communicate with future people with ceramics as an important information system.”

We most certainly will. Beautiful.

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  1. Gabriela /// 12.05.2020 /// 5:28pm

    I absolutely love this! Amazing work. My daughter is taking ceramics in school. I’ll be sharing this with her. Thanks for sharing!