pace taylor

This is the work {soft pastel & graphite} of American artist Pace Taylor… and every single one of their gorgeous, rich drawings makes me wish I could hug people again. Sigh. One day. Here is Pace’s description of these recent pieces:

“My drawings are constructions of intimacy between people. I build the images from found photographs of assumed queers from past decades, both alone and in the company of others. Through the translation from photograph to drawing, I invite a false memory to distort their bearings, bringing them into my world and covering them in planes of mutable soft pastel and the warmth and weight of lead. As memory and time distort appearance, the body becomes both a fixation and something inconsequential. Just an emotional shadow, vibrating color. In a rejection of the Binary, the body acts as a point of hesitation for the viewer; an opportunity to project their own experience of being in the world; an offer to be held by another’s language.” 

Beautiful and powerful. Follow Pace on Instagram… their in-studio photos are lovely.

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