fanny ollas

‘Oof’. That was the first thought/sound that popped into my mind when I saw the weirdly emotional ceramic work of Swedish artist Fanny Ollas. Emotional ceramics? Yeah, that must be a thing because just look at these vases, lamps and mirrors. They absolutely express how I’m feeling at the end of this crazy year. Oof. Here’s Fanny’s bio, and description of why she does what she does:

Fanny Ollas is an artist and designer based in Stockholm, Sweden, working primarily with ceramics and textile. She has a background within fashion but changed her career in 2015 to work with ceramics and sculpture. Fanny is interested in art and craft in relation to psychology and the emotional relationship we have with the everyday objects around us. In her practice, she uses clay to discover and explore visual storytelling and to give form to different mental states and emotions. She often works with scenography and with spatial installations where the objects interact with each other to create a mood or a story. She combines the playful qualities of the clay with a handmade expression to create a language that is both cute, humorous and sometimes sad at the same time. Her work can be described as to enter a surreal fantasy world in the borderland between an innocent fairy tale and a melancholic dystopia; a world in which the viewers are encouraged to discover and create their own stories. Fanny Ollas graduated with a master’s degree in ceramics at Konstfack in the spring of 2018 and has since been active in her studio in Gustavsberg.

Cute, humorous and sometimes sad… yep, all of the feels. Happy Friday.

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