crystal latimer

Gasp… cowgirls, gold leaf, and tassels!? Yes, yes, a thousand times, yes! These beauties are the most recent work by Pittsburg based artist Crystal Latimer, and as we speak they’re being installed at Paradigm Gallery + Studio in Philadelphia. Here’s a description from the gallery’s site:

“In her practice, Latimer reinterprets Western historical art to create a connection between the past and the present. The mixed-media paintings in KEEPSAKES are colorful and bold, as the artist uses acrylics, gold leaf, and cotton fiber tassels. The works look like tapestries, an art form that was long ago favored for its accessible and portable storytelling abilities and through the use of contemporary iconography, Latimer tells stories of inner strength, positivity and triumph. In her previous work, the artist painted masculine imagery like battle scenes of conquest and male historical figures, but for KEEPSAKES, the imagery and color story is re-interpreted as feminine. Power comes from within and Latimer’s works act as an evocative visual reminder of that inner strength.”

Amen to inner strength! “KEEPSAKES” opens TOMORROW, Friday December 4th at Paradigm. Find more info on their live online event right here. A link to the live event will be emailed to all ticket holders prior to the opening.

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