eric louie

Ah, the absolutely gorgeous, totally mind-bending work of Vancouver based painter Eric Louie. Yes, I said painter… large-scale oil on canvas to be exact. Every time one of Eric’s pieces scrolls by on Instagram, I catch my breath. Colorful metallic ribbons… that aren’t metal or ribbons!? Here’s part of his artist statement:

“My paintings have always had a sensibility towards the natural order of things. I’m interested in creating events that both acknowledge and deny spatial illusion simultaneously. I feel as though there never is an end to these works in their self -fulfillment, which is exciting and challenging to me. My process in the beginning is to make a painting in response to one of its predecessors. None of the works are planned and continually change course until they come to some resolve where I can let them go. The forms are invented during the process, some of which survive until the end, others lost in the many layers of thin glazes of paint.”

‘Acknowledging and denying spatial illusion simultaneously’ … ummm, CHECK! Happy Monday.

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