“authenticity will never do you wrong”

Today’s episode is filled with insight, laughter… and paper made from old jeans? Yep. I wrote about American artist Rebecca Hutchinson a few weeks ago, and immediately had oh so many questions. There was something about pulp and handmade paper, but also porcelain some of which was fired and some wasn’t? Don’t worry, I got all of the answers! Rebecca and I talked about her childhood on the farm, how she found her way to sculpture, and not only did we get elbow deep in paper pulp, we also rolled up our sleeves and talked a LOT about how to deal with rude inner critics. Spoiler alert, sometimes it involves a mini trampoline! Seriously. You can listen right up there under Rebecca and “Orange Burst”, or subscribe on Apple Podcasts and or Spotify.

First, this is the work I shared a few weeks ago. There’s a little sampling of everything… artwork for the ceiling, wall and floor:

See? This is why I had to get her on the podcast immediately.

Okay, but wait. Before we get into the process shots and video, I just had to share these pieces. Apparently, I’m a sucker for work that hangs from the ceiling:

Oh my word. So. GORGEOUS.

Alright, here we go. Rebecca’s studio {most shots are from her summer studio in Montana… you’ll understand why in a second}, and a couple of process videos:

Ahhhhhhh! Can you imagine spending the summer working in that gorgeous Montana studio, arm deep in paper pulp? Count me in! And, look at all of that teamwork in action… love, love, love.

Next up, a little peek at Rebecca’s current show, “Midnight Blooms”, happening right now until February 28th, at the Danforth Art Museum in Framingham, MA:

Blue!!!! Sigh. So dreamy. Speaking of dreamy, that little farm girl from the beginning of the episode is still very  much inspired by Mother Nature:

A sunset transformed into supplies. Yep, I’d be totally inspired working there all summer, too. Thank you so much to Rebecca for coming on the podcast, and thanks to you for listening. Now, all of you, go find a mini trampoline and jump all of that self doubt right out!

Other links:

  1. Rebecca on Instagram
  2. “Midnight Blooms”, her current show at Danforth Art Museum {until Feb 28, 2021}
  3. Upcoming Workshop at Harvard
  4. Adelaine Muth, Artist {Rebecca’s studio assistant} 
  5. Archie Bray Foundation
  6. UMass


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  1. “authenticity will never do you wrong” - fooledbyart /// 02.05.2021 /// 9:29pm

    […] Posted bythe jealous curator […]

  2. Karen Gutfreund /// 02.06.2021 /// 6:18am

    I’m driving the 5 hours to the Danforth to see this but would be willing to drive all the way to MT to see more! So vibrant and textural, it’s like combining a lush, juicy coral reef with the Palm Springs desert. Does that even make sense… It’s making me waxing poetically!!

  3. the jealous curator /// 02.06.2021 /// 7:16am

    haha! makes perfect sense to me : )

  4. Monique Sarrazin /// 01.18.2023 /// 11:18pm

    Rebecca is such a wonderful inspiring and giving artist and instructor. I attended her 3 day Paperclay workshop online (November 2022) and I just love hearing this dialog between the two of you, (and her soft and loving voice) as she continues to inspire others, no judgement, just enjoy making and being in the moment. Thank you.

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