“fifteen seconds”

Episode no. 200 of ART FOR YOUR EARwhat?! Yep, it’s true. I wanted to do something different for this momentous occasion, but what? I asked all of you on Instagram, and whole bunch of people said, ‘have someone interview YOU’. That felt weird… until I thought of the perfect someone! The wonderful, insightful, and brilliant sculptor Petah Coyne is asking the questions today! And her first question: “Were you an artsy kid?” Ha! Clearly, Petah knows the drill. Spoiler alert: My answer was YES. That oil pastel bird up there was the first masterpiece my parents ever framed… can you blame them?! Look/listen (1hr 36min) to our conversation right up there under me as a 7 year old Brownie, or subscribe on Apple Podcasts and/or Spotify.

First up… STUMPKINS!

Look at that little bum in the mirror! Sadly, I don’t have photos of the many, many, many Stumpkins I made, but I’m sure you get the idea. Also, can you believe I found an artist!?

Next, a few photos from one of my three visits to Claude Monet’s house in Giverny, France:

That’s me, in my mid 20’s, standing in the kitchen window. Greg took this photo on a trip to France while we were still dating … I thought he was going to propose. He didn’t. ANYWAY.

Ahhh, Blanche. I had to share a couple of photos of my Grammy, so you could see who’s watching over me:

Doesn’t she look like a bit of a trouble-maker? ♥

And lastly, a little peek at what’s happening in my studio at the moment:

Yep, cigarettes & gum made from clay, and fake flowers coated in thick white paint… and of course, Petah, checking in from her insanely beautiful studio in New York to see what I’m up to. Huge hugs and thank yous to Petah for being the interviewER today {I was nervous, but that was fun}. I can’t wait to unveil all of this new work to you in the next few months… I think it’s finally coming together after recently being torn apart and put back together. Thanks so much to all of YOU for listening, not only to this episode, but the 199 that came before it! Your enthusiasm is what motivates me to keep recording week after week. Speaking of yet another week of ART FOR YOUR EAR, I’ll be back next Saturday with a new episode of “PAINT CHIPS” on AFYE with Pennylane Shen… get yourself a bag of cheese puffs for that one! ~ Danielle

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  3. Anne-Marie Bourgeois /// 05.12.2021 /// 8:29am

    Ohhhh ! This is my favorite episode… thank you so much for everything you shared. I’m going through a similar experience (I hated art school and it really destroyed my self confidence, I am not doing a lot of art since then, but I feel a strong longing to come back to sculpture). You are such a great inspiration. Many thanks xx

  4. the jealous curator /// 05.13.2021 /// 10:20pm

    yes! COME BACK!!!

  5. Christine Aaron /// 05.29.2021 /// 2:57pm

    I just listened to this one for the second time over. SO good. And I so enjoyed hearing about your circuitous path to where you are.I am very excited about your new work and know one day it’ll be an immersive installation somewhere…. Also on another note, I lost my mom when I was 23 (after an 8 1/2 year long chronic illness)…and I have had a friend and an insight/empath/person tell me she is with me. Makes me happy…and also jealous! I want to “see” her too….I will have to be content with feeling her. Thank you Danielle, and Petah for such a fabulous episode..now back to me catching up on earlier ones! 🙂

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