“tasting chartreuse”

“Tasting chartreuse”, laying in fields of peonies, and sitting under tables at some of Canada’s most important art events. My first guest of this new podcast season is Anong Beam. She is an artist, a mother, a paint maker, and she’s from an Ojibwe family that is part of both Canada’s Indigenous history and art history. Now, if any of you use Beam Paints… and I already know that a LOT of you do, then you might recognize Anong as the founder of this beautiful, sustainable, creative brand. Listen right up there under Anong out in her happy place on Manitoulin Island, or subscribe on Apple Podcasts and/or Spotify.

First up, a little peak at Anong with her artist parents, Carl and Ann Beam:

How beautiful… and a part of Canadian Art History! You can read more about both of her parents and their work: Carl Beam / Ann Beam.

Speaking of work, here are some of the most recent pieces by Anong:

Gah! Gorgeous! The final image above is the first WIP in her dad’s studio. So, so special.

And of course, this post wouldn’t be complete without a look at Anong’s absolute beautiful, hand-crafted paints. WARNING: Do not eat them, even though you’ll really want to:

Aren’t they stunning? And clearly her dad would be very proud… here he is, back in the day, making his own paint on the hood of car!

And finally, to THE GIVE-AWAY!

If you’d like to enter to win this little combo, brought to you by two artsy Canadians, just leave a comment here. I will draw ONE NAME next Saturday, September 18th and that lucky person will receive Beam Paints’ “Mixing Six” and a signed copy of my kids’ book, HOW TO SPOT AN ARTIST. Thanks soooo much to Anong for sharing all of her stories, thanks to Storyblocks for supporting this episode, and huge thanks to you for listening. There will be a brand new episode of ART FOR YOUR EAR in two weeks. See you then!

Other links:

  1. Beam Paints
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  4. Carl Beam
  5. Ann Beam
  6. Ojibwe Cultural Foundation
  7. Indian Residential School Survivors Society
  8. National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa
  9. No Such Thing As Too Much Art Society 
  10. Storyblocks 


comments (111)

  1. Alix /// 09.10.2021 /// 7:55pm

    Her paintings are practically buzzing! Those colors are gorgeous .

  2. Lesly /// 09.10.2021 /// 9:29pm

    After so many years I was asked to put a piece in a group show. The opening was tonight. I came home and listened to the podcast and thought about serendipity Or whatever causes things to meet each other at the right time. Beams voice is so calming. Her way of seeing the world profoundly moving. I’ll be listening again and again

  3. Luisa /// 09.11.2021 /// 1:09am

    Utterly vibrant and delicious work!

  4. Carie /// 09.11.2021 /// 1:10am

    I’d love to try these paints, they look fantastic!

  5. Marijke van der Valk /// 09.11.2021 /// 1:38am

    Very impressed by her work. It so vibrant!

  6. Pat /// 09.11.2021 /// 1:41am

    What a lovely story. The paints look amazing – please enter me in the drawing. Thank you.

  7. michele randall /// 09.11.2021 /// 2:01am

    Her paintings practically jump off the page! I love her paints.

  8. Sylvia Riveland /// 09.11.2021 /// 2:12am

    Wow, those gorgeous paints soar right off the canvas into our eyeballs! I would love to be entered into the drawing. Thank you!

  9. Nina F /// 09.11.2021 /// 3:35am

    These are stunning!

  10. sand /// 09.11.2021 /// 3:47am

    Those colors seem to be alive !

  11. Theresa Thiemt /// 09.11.2021 /// 4:02am

    Absolutely love. Thank you!

  12. Theresa Thiemt /// 09.11.2021 /// 4:03am

    Love the colours.

  13. Nancy Taylor /// 09.11.2021 /// 4:11am

    So vibrant ! Makes the world bright .

  14. A Leigh Griffin /// 09.11.2021 /// 4:22am

    These colors are crisp and beautiful!

  15. Amy Tingle /// 09.11.2021 /// 4:35am

    YAAYYYYYYY, Art for Your Ear is back. My Saturdays are complete now. And starting off with a bang with Anong. Her paints are dreamy and her paintings are making me strangely weepy. I can’t wait to hear her story.

  16. Hero Landry /// 09.11.2021 /// 4:56am

    Colours are gorgeous! Would love to try these paints.

  17. Christy /// 09.11.2021 /// 5:28am

    Loved the interview. I’m DYING to try these paints! They will be on my Christmas list for sure.

  18. Deborah Nelson /// 09.11.2021 /// 5:41am

    Welcome back! Wonderful interview with Anong. So much to savor from your newsletter and interview. Thank you!

  19. Mellie /// 09.11.2021 /// 5:45am

    Her paintings are gorgeous! And so are those paints — they’re so adorable; they make me smile.

  20. Barbara /// 09.11.2021 /// 5:47am

    That chartreuse chair, tho! If i win i will buy your red book and a set of shimmery beams to round out set ❤️

  21. Meredith Feniak /// 09.11.2021 /// 6:15am

    I’m a pigment nerd, but the packaging is making my heart race! Thanks for this introduction!

  22. Wanda Comrie /// 09.11.2021 /// 6:27am

    Ooff, you’re the best in championing all the colours of the visual arts Danielle! All art supplies are treasured and of course free ones are even more special.

  23. Shelley Hanna /// 09.11.2021 /// 7:10am

    A beautiful story with beautiful artworks and the paints are amazing. I’ve seen them before and am so glad to hear the background story of how these are made. Thank you so much

  24. Leigh Anne /// 09.11.2021 /// 7:19am

    So much support to my fellow Canadian female artsies!! Whoop!!

  25. Pamela Cervisi /// 09.11.2021 /// 7:19am

    Your artist spotlights are so inspiring!
    I continue to discover new artists working well outside the box. It’s beautiful. Thank you for sharing and I’m so excited to discover Beam Paints. Can’t wait to try the paint!

  26. Karen Tholen /// 09.11.2021 /// 7:20am

    The art using these paints is just beautiful! I can’t wait to listen to the podcast this afternoon, especially to hear her backstory & childhood experiences.

  27. Donna McCullough /// 09.11.2021 /// 7:26am

    Anong’s paintings are so colorful! Especially love the one with the car in the foreground. Amazing that she makes her own paints.
    Would love to try them.

  28. Suzanne Steed /// 09.11.2021 /// 7:32am

    I would be honored to receive and use these personally crafted paints in my work.

  29. Regina /// 09.11.2021 /// 7:36am

    I can’t wait to listen to this podcast…and learn about these paints and Anong’s story!! Thank you for bringing yet another interesting art experience our way!

  30. dorothea /// 09.11.2021 /// 7:44am

    I would love the chance to try these delicious paints!

  31. Dee Hutton /// 09.11.2021 /// 8:11am

    I love Beam Paints and Anong’s artwork is gorgeous! Listening to Anong’s story while sipping tea in my studio 🙂

  32. Irmgard Geul /// 09.11.2021 /// 8:29am

    Inspiration is splashing of all your posts and podcasts right on to my own artwork, thank you for introducing us to so many artists we otherwise never would have known!

  33. Caprice Niccoli /// 09.11.2021 /// 8:35am

    I don’t just want to eat them, I want to wear them! Visual and (imagined) tactile heaven. Static ASMR.

  34. Roz /// 09.11.2021 /// 8:42am

    I have been following Beam Paints and Anong’s work for a little while now, excited to hear this episode!

  35. Beth Godley /// 09.11.2021 /// 8:44am

    jealouscurator is back with a beautiful story and gorgeous paint!

  36. Karen Gutfreund /// 09.11.2021 /// 8:52am

    Just LOVE those juicy paints and the names are fabulous and very poetic!

  37. Maria Hemprich /// 09.11.2021 /// 8:53am

    I have been soooo looking forward to the next season!
    And again, incredible inspiring.
    Thank you very much, Danielle

  38. Crystal Foth /// 09.11.2021 /// 8:56am

    What lovely paints! I’d love to try them!

  39. Lysa Flower /// 09.11.2021 /// 9:07am

    Ha! I do want to eat them! Or at least that’s how I feel about colour. I get an excited feeling and then wish I could eat them! They lol so yummy! Can you imagine how many delicious colors one could make with a starter kit of six?!… I’m getting that excited feeling!

  40. Chris Cunningham /// 09.11.2021 /// 9:34am

    I’ve seen people talk about these paints, and how much they love them. Would really like to try them, but haven’t found them yet.

  41. Donna Stubbs /// 09.11.2021 /// 9:36am

    I cannot get over how cool Anong’s Dad must have been! I love the vibrant colors and controlled chaos of her imagery. Thanks for introducing me to so many amazing artists.

  42. Christina Knittel /// 09.11.2021 /// 9:44am

    So thrilled that Anong is your first guest this season! I can’t wait to listen to the episode.

  43. Lucy Smucker /// 09.11.2021 /// 9:47am

    Stunning and vibrant paints and paintings! Would love to try the paints.

  44. Bushra /// 09.11.2021 /// 10:05am

    so great to discover new paint and esp made by an artist! Love the red ground in her paintings too–gotta try that!

  45. Samantha Agar /// 09.11.2021 /// 11:02am

    I had never seen Anong’s work before and the saturation of colour and deeply Canadian feeling are just stunning! I would love to try these paints too…so gorgeous even to look at, never mind all the beautiful things they could create!

  46. Marcia King /// 09.11.2021 /// 11:22am

    Enchanting: Anong’s paintings, the story of Beam paints, and the paints themselves! Thanks for introducing them all to us. Her paintings tell the ineffable wildness of much of Canada and how to live and feel one with it, cool old cars and all.

  47. amanda long /// 09.11.2021 /// 11:31am

    What a happy Saturday to have a new AFYE season starting! Making one’s own paints still blows my mind…so so cool.

  48. Sharlene Stushnov /// 09.11.2021 /// 11:33am

    I am so excited to find this podcast. Love the colours of Anong’s paints and love her paintings too!

  49. Cussot /// 09.11.2021 /// 12:19pm

    Gosh! This makes me want to run/swim to Manitoulin right this minute!

  50. Carol C. /// 09.11.2021 /// 1:32pm

    Hi Danielle,
    Your interview with Anong is very interesting. What an adventurous life! I especially loved hearing her talk about her love of chartreuse.
    That’s how I feel about colors, but I’ve never heard anyone else talk about it. So thank you for your window on art and artists. I really appreciate your efforts.

  51. Tara Barr /// 09.11.2021 /// 1:38pm

    Beautiful conversation, beautiful artwork, beautiful paint. Love it all.

  52. Robin Roberts /// 09.11.2021 /// 2:04pm

    Hand made paints sound and look amazing! This is the only book of yours that I don’t have yet! It’s all so cool!

  53. Pamela /// 09.11.2021 /// 2:30pm

    Thank you for this interview…helped with some indecision

  54. Emily /// 09.11.2021 /// 2:46pm

    Very interesting story and interview – I love everything about Anong’s business, especially that she collaborated with her partner by using his forestry off-cuts. Gorgeous paints, would love to get my hands on a set!

  55. Jen Singh /// 09.11.2021 /// 4:06pm

    I love, love loved listening to this podcast- it was definitely one of my faves and I’m going to go buy her paint right now because I can’t even wait to see if I may possibly win a set- and your fabulous book- which I will buy anyhow too ❤️

  56. Hillary /// 09.11.2021 /// 4:13pm

    Love her as a guest and your interview of Anong Beam! Definitely agree that a movie could be made from her life. Thanks for the chance to win your book and her mixing set 🙂

  57. Stephanie /// 09.11.2021 /// 4:45pm

    Wow – can’t wait to listen to this episode! Beautiful!

  58. Lorraine /// 09.11.2021 /// 5:44pm

    I learned so many things during this episode – about her, her art and her parents’ arts as well. I am so glad I discovered her.

  59. Jacy /// 09.11.2021 /// 7:31pm

    Such beautiful artwork and paints!

  60. Yael lepek /// 09.11.2021 /// 9:55pm

    Loved the episode (as usual)- very inspiring, thank you! The paintings are beautiful and vibrant.

  61. Lindsey /// 09.12.2021 /// 12:27am

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️love love the paints

  62. Alicia /// 09.12.2021 /// 4:40am

    I already had these on my christmas list!
    The vibrancy and richness of her colors is breathtaking!
    I absolutely love your podcast and what you bring to the world thank you for everything you do and represent!❤️

  63. Jen /// 09.12.2021 /// 5:21am

    These colours are just stunning! And I loved listening to Anong speak, there’s something so grounding of how she tells stories I found myself lingering in her words, a pleasure as always

  64. Courtney /// 09.12.2021 /// 6:04am

    Loved this episode! Thanks for addressing tough topics. And who doesn’t love new paint!

  65. Melissa Bolger /// 09.12.2021 /// 6:49am

    love love love these paints!

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    Love Anong’s work! The paint pots actually look delicious.

  67. Julie Bates /// 09.12.2021 /// 8:57am

    I am wrestling with the presentation of my own art right now and the first thing I noticed about your paints was the beautiful way they are packaged. The natural setting is beautiful.

  68. Abigail Bartell /// 09.12.2021 /// 9:00am

    Thank you! Thank you! I have been waiting for this first of the season episode ALL SUMMER! What a fantastic artist to interview! I want ALL the colors, and I am so excited you’re doing a giveaway. (Not that I need more paint, but I NEED MORE PAINT, ya know? You do.) Anong’s work is beautiful and I drooled looking at Beam Paints’s Instagram. Thanks again. And “see” you on the 25th!

  69. Beth Hughes /// 09.12.2021 /// 9:24am

    Thank you for sharing these beautiful creatives and your creativity with us. I always enjoy seeing what you post. This was wonderful!

  70. esther /// 09.12.2021 /// 10:12am

    great episode and gorgeous work!

  71. Karen /// 09.12.2021 /// 1:20pm

    I’m a huge fan of Beam paints, for their colours and their origins and their lovely natural packaging. I’ll be listening to the interview today!

  72. Karen /// 09.12.2021 /// 1:24pm

    I love Beam paints for their colours, their origin and their beautiful, natural packaging. I’ll be listening to the conversation on your podcast today!

  73. Chantal /// 09.12.2021 /// 1:27pm

    I love your book and found Beam paints thru your Instagram posts. I am a huge fan! And 1/2 Canadian❤️

  74. Yolanda Gonzalez /// 09.12.2021 /// 2:19pm

    Great guest! During the summer I usually take a hiatus from my artwork which makes me feel a hint of guilt. Your podcast usually sparks my creativity and the timing is great. Now I must get my hands on some of Anong’s paints!

  75. Sharon /// 09.12.2021 /// 2:40pm

    I’ve been so fascinated with Beam paints. What an interesting story! Thank you for having her on. I would love to try Beam paints and have a copy of your book!

  76. Sarahlw /// 09.12.2021 /// 3:08pm

    I adored this episode, Danielle. Thank you especially for opening the topic of residential schools – these conversations are so needed.

  77. Robyn Crongeyer /// 09.12.2021 /// 3:35pm

    Sooooo happy you’re back! I missed the new episodes this summer but I went back and listened to a TON of older episodes. They’re my favorite thing to listen to while at my driving job. I also started your Inner Critic book on audible to help get me out of this summer funk and into the studio. This episode did not disappoint and Anong’s journey was really fascinating! I already dove into her website and checked out all of her products. Sooo cute! Anyways, I hope you’re doing well and staying safe Danielle!! 🙂

  78. Julie Flandorfer /// 09.12.2021 /// 5:33pm

    I came across this artist and her gorgeous paints a while back. Thanks Danielle for bringing my attention back to her. These are gorgeous!

  79. Jen McGowan /// 09.12.2021 /// 6:26pm

    So looking forward to learning more about Anong and her parents. I follow beam paints on instagram and don’t remember seeing her beautiful paintings. This is a special giveaway – beam paints and your book? Wonderful.

  80. Lynn /// 09.12.2021 /// 6:38pm

    I love beam paints and I enjoy the newsletters and podcast!

  81. Rebecca Sagert /// 09.12.2021 /// 8:08pm

    This was such an incredible interview with a fascinating guest. I always take something away from Art for Your Ear that I didn’t know I needed to hear.

  82. Natasha Udovenko /// 09.12.2021 /// 10:20pm

    Such a special story! and the paints look gorgeous! Thank you for sharing it

  83. Calli /// 09.12.2021 /// 11:50pm

    An inspiring episode! And those colors… wow!!!

  84. Morgan Gesell /// 09.13.2021 /// 7:12am

    I’m so excited that the podcast is back!! Can’t wait to listen to this episode!

  85. Hilda Kleiman /// 09.13.2021 /// 8:20am

    Hooray for the new season!

  86. Emily Mercedes /// 09.13.2021 /// 9:24am

    Absolutely loving this whole podcast! These paints look AMAZING and her artwork is stunning. Great stories. Thanks for sharing!

  87. Maura Walsh /// 09.13.2021 /// 10:16am

    I love Beam paints and am so glad to see them highlighted – not only are the paints lovely, but it so wonderful to be supporting a female Indigenous artist!

  88. Barbara Eichin /// 09.13.2021 /// 11:25am

    So happy that you’re back and the new season of Art for your Ears has commenced. Truly fascinating story of Anong Beam and would love to have my name picked to win her paints and one of your books.

  89. JESSICA RAY /// 09.13.2021 /// 12:42pm

    Beautiful!! I would love to try these paints.

  90. Sandie Drury /// 09.13.2021 /// 1:20pm

    I have just listened to this episode while on a walk back our lane. I stopped anytime to take pics of the stunning fall colours. Two of the faves are goldenrod beside purple fall asters …zoiks, Mother Nature really knows her stuff!
    I haven’t been to Manitoulin island since I was a child and have been wanting to take a trip
    back- it is sooooo beautiful. Now I have another reason calling me there, I can’t wait to get on the island again.
    Also— LOVE LOVE LOVE your podcast. (A fellow Canadian)

  91. Peg Grady /// 09.13.2021 /// 1:49pm

    Wonderful podcast..a great way to welcome autumn in. Something that truly resonated (among so many things) was her Mom holding on to all her work, including those that weren’t good, and her Dad curating his work and getting rid of those that did not live up to his standards. Opened up my eyes and taught me a lesson. thank you for the entire podcast and I am looking forward to this new season!

  92. Julie Trout /// 09.13.2021 /// 10:09pm

    Beautiful, vibrant, and full of life! Huge gratitude for sharing the beautiful way you see the world.

  93. Jenna Hales /// 09.14.2021 /// 3:17pm

    What beautiful paints! And an inspiring woman.

  94. Kelly krugwr /// 09.14.2021 /// 8:25pm

    Thank you for sharing. I was moved by today’s podcast. What an inspiring journey. The hardship, the percerverence, the absolutely overwhelming positivity and gratitude, and a happy ending. And you’ll be happy to know that you’ve introduced at least ONE person to Beam paints 🙂

  95. Meghan L /// 09.15.2021 /// 6:58am

    Wow. Thank you for finding and sharing this moving story.
    I cannot get over how delicious that paint looks…a visual feast!

  96. Susan Becker /// 09.15.2021 /// 9:00am

    Thank you for always introducing such interesting people! I’m a late bloomer to the art world and trying to catch up as quickly as possible. So much to learn! Love your podcast!

  97. Susan Steiner /// 09.15.2021 /// 2:27pm

    This was the first time I’ve listened to your podcast…I’m hooked! And what an interesting guest. I checked out her paintings, her paint, her whole history…Fascinating!

  98. Katy Clark /// 09.16.2021 /// 6:57am

    I’m a huge fan. I binge to your podcast in my studio. This has been one of my favorite episodes. I absolutely love that Beam paints are handmade and the packaging is sustainable. The wood! The beeswax! So perfect. I had no idea this line of paints existed and I plan to purchase some immediately. Thanks for the intro to Beam!

  99. Emily S /// 09.16.2021 /// 7:53am

    I loved this episode, such an amazing mixture of contemporary art and history that is relevant and powerful today. I just started learning to paint and mixing colors myself, so I would love to try these!

  100. Kaci F /// 09.16.2021 /// 12:22pm

    As an artist and homeschooling mom, this giveaway combo would be a dream and today’s my birthday (I’m in my f*uck it 40’s right there with you) so I’m feeling extra lucky. Pick me, Pick me, lol. Incredible episode as always, the depth of your discussions never fail to inspire!

  101. Joann Foltz /// 09.16.2021 /// 8:37pm

    Such good listen on a drive home from stressful day. Cool giveaway too!

  102. Marlena Wyman /// 09.17.2021 /// 6:30am

    I loved everything about this episode. Thank you and Anong for beaming (yes – intentional pun – sorry!) light and beautiful colour into what have been some dark times of late. Beautiful and appreciated.

  103. Vickie Conmy /// 09.17.2021 /// 10:45am

    What a lovely discovery today. These paints are gorgeous as is their story.

  104. Sheena Bennett /// 09.17.2021 /// 12:06pm

    I dig everything about these paints, this podcast, and this particular episode. Thank you both for taking the time and sharing your stories.

  105. Beth Guipe Hall /// 09.17.2021 /// 4:44pm

    I listened to this episode twice…..I have been seeing Beam Paints for a couple of months while taking random rabbit hole trips through the internet. They are like little precious gems I’d loooove to try these watercolors. Now off to dig for more info about the Beams.

  106. Liz J Miller /// 09.17.2021 /// 5:03pm

    Anong is a multi-talented person and I thoroughly enjoyed this episode. I had never heard of Beam paints, but I now can’t wait to try them and maybe get some for my father’s wife who is an amazing watercolor artist.

  107. Courtney /// 09.18.2021 /// 1:22pm

    I love, love , love this book and I gift them all the time to the kids I meet that are budding artists! These paints are on my wish list! The colours are so beautiful and it is awesome to support a fellow Thank you for the great seas Danielle and Anong!

  108. marianne beckwith /// 10.05.2021 /// 7:29am

    Loved this interview!!! I bought the Beam paints for my daughter for Christmas, and then I am using these paints as we speak! I need that GOLD and Silver!!! love your podcast!

  109. the jealous curator /// 10.07.2021 /// 7:39am

    seriously, the metallics look like magic when they go onto the paper!!! … and thank you : )

  110. Sheri Urquhart /// 08.31.2023 /// 7:09pm

    I love the colors of your paints and your unique way of storing them. In particular I love the paints in shells. I live on the North Carolina coast and this is so cool to me. I am new to your business. I look forward to getting to know you, your art and sharing with others. Blessings

  111. Lesley Ivy /// 06.13.2024 /// 1:37pm

    I am SO impressed with your products! The paints are creamy and vibrant, the travel brush of metal and wood is a delight to hold, and the fact that you make, package and present everything using NO PLASTIC is more than wonderful!!! Thank you from a customer in New Mexico.

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