gibbs rounsavall

Mind-bending paintings… that are actually bent! This is the dizzying, vibrant, fabulous work of Kentucky based artist Gibbs Rounsavall, and here is part of his artist statement:

For over twenty-five years, I’ve applied a laser-like focus of study on the element of color and yet still remain fascinated by its emotional impact. How it can transport us through time, elicit memories and suspend perceptions of reality. This keeps my creative engine running in perpetuity. Using a methodical approach, I apply an array of vibrant lines that excite the eye, moving in and out, back and forth. This is composed on a variety of two and three-dimensional forms that stretch away from the wall inviting movement in order to be fully realized … Our attention is today’s most valuable commodity. Where we choose to focus our attention is directly related to the quality of our lives.

Love! Gibbs’ work is available through Galerie Robertson Arès, Montreal.

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