i was jealous at the cheaper show no.10

Oh, where to begin. This year’s Cheaper Show in Vancouver was, umm, fantastic! From the Friday night preview show, to the giant line-up that started in the wee hours of Saturday morning and lasted late into the night, straight through to the actual event. An amazing venue, thousands of very cool people, some very tasty chocolate cake, and of course, fabulous art. I got there early on Friday night and was able to go around and see the entire show… that was a little trickier later that night, and almost impossible on Saturday {too many interesting people to stop and chat with!} As I made my way around the gorgeous space, this was the sound I kept making {please note, I was alone at this point so I’m sure I sounded like some kind of crazy art groupie} Gasp! Wha?! The dialogue in my head went something like this: “What?! They’re in this show!? I’ve written about him/her, I love him/her, and now I’m seeing their work up-close and in person! Holy #$%@”. Yep, that’s what it sounded like inside of my head, all night long. 1. Ben Skinner, 2. Vincent Pacheco, 3. Aaron Moran, 4. Erin M. Riley, 5. Russell Leng, 6. Zoe Pawlak… and the list could literally go on and on. There were also a truck load of artists that I’ve never written about before who I now love, have seen their work up-close and in person, and will be writing about in the very near future. Like tomorrow.

{ps. I was lucky enough to have two of my pieces in the show, and they both sold! Yay/phew.}

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  1. Jessica /// 06.27.2011 /// 6:55am

    Sounds AWESOME! Congrats on selling your two pieces!!

  2. the jealous curator /// 06.27.2011 /// 10:57am

    it was AWESOME (and thank you!)

  3. emmadajska /// 06.27.2011 /// 12:11pm

    so jealous of you seeing this show! (and selling you works!)

  4. Jo /// 06.27.2011 /// 3:48pm

    I second the motion. Really, I was also there on the Friday nite, and as I’ve tweeted and FB’d, I felt like an extra in a super cool Sex and the City gallery-based scene. I kept waiting for Carrie and Big to walk by. Oh, and while the space ROCKED SOCKS, it was what was on the walls of the space that knocked my rocked socks OFF… Freaking wicked talent. Two pieces of which I got to see up-close and in person created by one of this continent’s most esteemed bloggeresses (sp?)… The Jealous Curator, no less. (Oh, for those of you who weren’t there, the JC was SWARMED in the flesh, by media and fans alike.) (No surprise, really.)

  5. the jealous curator /// 06.27.2011 /// 4:41pm

    hey kate… you never know… it sounds like they’re planning on branching out (maybe they’ll come to nyc!)
    and jojo, THAT comment is the reason you were there as my one and only wing-man! xo

  6. kate /// 06.27.2011 /// 3:50pm

    ooh, congrats on the sales! i wish wish WISH we had a cheaper show in New York!

  7. Vanessa /// 07.21.2011 /// 1:59pm

    I was working the sales area for Cheaper Show! I was also a crazy production assistant for the show haha! So many missed opportunities to meet you 😛 Congrats on selling your pieces btw!

  8. the jealous curator /// 07.21.2011 /// 6:56pm

    thanks so much vanessa – it was such a fantastic show!
    yeah, it’s too bad we didn’t meet! well, it sounds like our paths keep crossing… it’s only a matter of time! ; )

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