girl crush

I have a crush. Well, I have quite a few actually… so many, in fact, that I’ve turned them into a new series of guest posts, that start today, on the always lovely sfgirlbybay. The series is called girl crush. Can you guess why? Yep, the posts will feature amazing women artists that I have huge art crushes on! Here’s why I chose to do this…

When I was in university, I minored in Art History. As a young female artist, I wanted to know why there weren’t more women in my textbooks… surely they existed?! And it wasn’t just the Renaissance and Rococo periods that were lacking – I have a Pop Art book filled with artists that I love, but there is not one woman in it. Doesn’t that seem kinda crazy? Yes, yes it does. Luckily, contemporary art seems to be balancing things out a little more… I know that more than half of my posts feature women. Granted, I’m jealous of work regardless of the artist’s gender, but as a woman artist myself, I absolutely love to see, and celebrate, the successes of inspiring, crush-worthy “girls”… hence the catchy title of this series! Sigh… I have so many crushes, on so many artists, that these posts just might go on forever! So, now that I’m wearing my heart on my sleeve, you can tell me… who do you ?

{textbook worthy images by: 1. Tina Berning 2. Martha Rich 3. Maia Flore 4. Laura McKellar 5. Beth Hoeckle 6. Margaret Kilgallen ♥♥♥}

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  1. victoria /// 08.17.2011 /// 10:15am

    so excited to share your series. so inspiring!! thanks, d.!

  2. the jealous curator /// 08.17.2011 /// 10:19am

    thank you victoria, for giving me such a lovely place to write about these women!
    d xo

  3. Diana /// 08.17.2011 /// 10:20am

    Fabulous idea! I’m currently studying for a comprehensive exam (for my Master’s in art history) and can’t help but wonder the same thing! I hope when future textbooks are written about today’s artists, women will be well represented– but only time will tell.

  4. Samantha French /// 08.17.2011 /// 12:01pm

    I love this idea! I have definitely noticed that many of my favorite contemporary artists these days are women. I’m happy to be working right now when there really seems to be a place for all of us in the art world.

  5. Kim /// 08.17.2011 /// 3:03pm

    Spectacular idea! And your first picks are awesome. Love Berning and Flore best but they are ALL worthy of big time crushes indeed!

  6. the jealous curator /// 08.17.2011 /// 3:51pm

    thank you! so glad you guys like the idea. i’ve been thinking about this for years, so it’s fun to have a place to write about it… now, if only i had my own textbook! ; )

  7. Jessica Jones /// 08.18.2011 /// 6:00am

    I thought I recognized the work of Margaret Kilgallen and hopped over to the Art21 site to confirm…then did a general search to see some more of her work and was saddened to learn that she died soon after I first saw the feature on Art21. Such a sad story, leaving a husband and 3-week old baby behind. Her work is phenomenal and I’m glad that she’s receiving the notoriety she deserves.

  8. the jealous curator /// 08.18.2011 /// 6:48am

    absolutely! and yes, it’s such amazing work, and such a sad story all at the same time… makes me tear up every time i think about it actually.

  9. deb schwedhelm /// 08.22.2011 /// 5:23pm

    i have a girl crush on your girl crushes. AS ALWAYS, thanks for sharing.


  10. the jealous curator /// 08.22.2011 /// 5:54pm

    thanks so much deb! xo