GIRL CRUSH… in LA! {may 26th}

When I first announced the Girl Crush Workshops + Tea Parties in January, I did not have LA in the schedule… but then a WHOLE bunch of you emailed, and tweeted, and left messages on my facebook page… apparently you really like art, and you really like tiny little cakes! So, all of that to say, I listened. And look who I got!!!

I’ve had a girl crush on LA based photographer Stephanie Vovas from the first moment I saw her work. She’s a very successful photographer who specializes in, well, vintage-looking sex-kitten kind of shots… um, is it wrong that I want her styling team to make me over so that I can pretend to be one of these sassy vixens? Just for one day? Please!!! Ok, look at these stunning images, and I guarantee you’ll have a girl crush too:

Love. So much love {…you might recognize some of her subjects –  Robin Tunney, Gillian Jacobs, and Diora Baird to name a few!} Anywho, I’m knee deep into a girl crush over here, and I hope you are too because, on May 26th Stephanie and I will be hosting a Girl Crush Workshop + Tea Party at Edgar Varela Gallery :

What a great space, right!? We’ll spend the morning talking artist blocks/inspirations, followed by an amazing catered lunch. But wait, there’s more! After lunch, Edgar Varela himself, will take us on a gallery tour of the neighborhood, giving us the inside scoop on the latest shows in downtown LA. It’s going to be fabulous… wait, is that a Beverly Hills word, or can I use that in this post?

Sign up here if you’re interested!

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  1. Bobby /// 02.20.2012 /// 3:51am

    Oh..these are stunning! Who is the girl with the hands over her ears? I’m sure I recognise her.. and above her is the actress Robin Tunney? Anyway, these are lovely.

  2. Melanie /// 02.20.2012 /// 5:26am

    I kind of wish my job was to travel with you to all of your workshops. They look amazing. 🙂

  3. the jealous curator /// 02.20.2012 /// 8:36am

    Bobby – the girl with her hands over her ears is Gillian Jacobs : )

  4. the jealous curator /// 02.20.2012 /// 8:36am

    Melanie… wouldn’t that be fun! One day!!! : )

  5. tijana /// 02.20.2012 /// 4:26pm

    some day i hope to afford to go to a girl crush tea party! let me know if you’d like a volunteer/intern so i can find a way to participate? i live in LA…

  6. Stephanie /// 02.20.2012 /// 5:08pm

    I am so looking forward to this! And the girl with her hands over her ears is Gillian Jacobs. 🙂 Thanks to all of you!!

  7. the jealous curator /// 02.20.2012 /// 5:35pm

    Thanks Stephanie… I can’t wait either!!

  8. Vikki /// 02.22.2012 /// 3:27pm

    I love Edgar Varela’s space and what a great guy. I had the pleasure of meeting with him last year when he hosted a night photography exhibit-“L.A.te.” (The exhibit featured in the gallery photo). Sounds like it is going to be a fun event!

  9. the jealous curator /// 02.22.2012 /// 4:00pm

    I think it’s going to be fantastic! You should come : )