i’m jealous of kate russo

These paintings by American artist Kate Russo are speaking to me. It could be because we just sold our house, and have to be out in two weeks. I wish our pile of boxes looked this pretty! Anyway, I thought I had everything I needed for this post… and then I found these:

Gah! Colored pencil on graph paper. Holy moly… the detail and precision in this work is killing me! Hm, I wish I could pack a stack of these amazing drawings {there are plenty more where these came from!} into one of my moving boxes ♥

{via curate1k}

comments (4)

  1. Ana /// 10.04.2012 /// 11:58am

    I want that last one for my carpet/wall/whatever.

  2. Kathy W /// 10.04.2012 /// 2:32pm

    Wowie! Wish my graph paper doodles had every turned into something like these. Very cool. Thanks for sharing her.

  3. Saskia /// 10.05.2012 /// 3:25am

    The paper clips are absolutely beautiful. Lovely find.

  4. Saskia /// 10.05.2012 /// 3:26am

    PS. Good luck with the moving.

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