i’m jealous of cecelia phillips

Yes. More rocks. Geodes, to be specific. Clearly I cannot get enough of these little wonders of nature, and so when I saw these paintings by¬†Cecelia Phillips I knew I’d be writing about them. What I love almost as much as her work, is her explanation for why she paints these amazing objects:

Several months ago I met a woman who was straightening my hair. It happened to be her birthday, and she happened to tell me that she was going hunting for geodes to celebrate.
No shit, I said. I’ll make you a geode painting as a present.
As I began to explore the subject matter of a geode, I realized that they embody a lot of who I am and what I believe in artistically – a little bit of kitsch, a smidge of bling, a little crusty on the outside and gleaming from within. They are worlds within themselves, private galaxies of color and space, and I love to paint them.¬†Moreover, they are secret, hidden from the rest of the world, just waiting for a inquisitive and creative person to crack them open. I share these with you in the hopes that you are such a kindred spirit passing by on chance.”

{Thanks to Rebecca Rothfus, an amazing artist herself, for sending me a link to Cecelia’s work}

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  1. Sara Viloria /// 07.09.2013 /// 7:33am

    OMG! I’m in love with this! This is a great reference for me, im starting to make some water color geodes and gems, i just feel the same, they’re secret and hidden, like a private galaxy, ill try to contact this artist! Thanks for sharing.
    PD: “Im jealous of ur page haha”
    Hugs from Venezuela.


  2. the jealous curator /// 07.09.2013 /// 5:24pm

    aren’t they gorgeous! i’m glad you found some inspiration… and yes, try reaching out to her : ) good luck with your work!

  3. jess /// 07.09.2013 /// 5:44pm


  4. Susan /// 07.11.2013 /// 3:52pm

    so lovely! *sigh*

  5. Joe /// 08.17.2013 /// 1:13pm

    Very cool Geode watercolors. Nice to see the artistic side of the Geode.

  6. Charles Snider /// 08.17.2013 /// 8:22pm

    Beautiful work, and Cecelia is very nice person too. We deal in geodes, and see the beauty they possess, but seeing it transferred or rendered to canvas is an appreciation the geode deserves.