i’m still jealous of leigh wells

Sigh… I wish someone would send me a flower arrangement like this! I love these botanical, graphic, muted, vintage-ish, kinda strange collages by San Francisco based artist Leigh Wells. I’ve written about Leigh a few times because, well, her work is amazing. However, each post has been quite different because, well, Leigh is amazing. She continues to push herself, always working working working, discovering new ways to create. That makes me super jealous {in a totally and completely “get back into the studio “inspired kind o’ way}. For example… here are a few tidbits from two other series she’s been working on:

So good. Originals from her “Pearl Diver” series are available on her big cartel site, and her landscapes can be purchased from Gathered. OR… If you want one of her gorgeous “flower arrangements”, they’re from her versos series – you can contact Leigh directly about those. Ok, now everyone… back to the studio for the weekend! Thanks for the push, Leigh!

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  1. ctanner /// 08.16.2013 /// 7:19am

    These are beautiful and thought provoking.

  2. laura redburn // cardboardcities /// 08.16.2013 /// 8:00am


  3. Leigh /// 08.16.2013 /// 8:09am

    Thank you SO, SO much for the beautiful words about the work! LW

  4. danielle (aka the jealous curator) /// 08.16.2013 /// 9:23am

    of course! they’re all stunning… i’m always in awe of you and your amazing work!

  5. claire /// 08.16.2013 /// 9:32am

    these are gorgeous!

  6. danielle (aka the jealous curator) /// 08.16.2013 /// 5:55pm

    i know!! and because of them i’ve been in my studio all day cutting up old books… best day EVER! : )

  7. laura /// 08.21.2013 /// 12:37pm

    lovely and absolutely inspiring!