jonas wood

They don’t require water, their patterned pots are gorgeous, and half of them make me wish I was in college again {ie., milk crate as end table}. Los Angeles based artist Jonas Wood and his painted potted plants make me want to paint… and grow stuff! Love.

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  1. Jennifer Moore /// 07.08.2014 /// 7:55am

    I love these. Wish they came in print format so I could get one.

  2. the jealous curator /// 07.08.2014 /// 8:05am

    yes, i tried finding prints, but it looks like he only sells originals.

  3. Jenn /// 07.08.2014 /// 12:42pm

    These are fabulous!

  4. maggie /// 07.08.2014 /// 2:59pm

    These are so cute! Perfect for my apartment that doesn’t seem to get enough natural light to support real life plants.

  5. the jealous curator /// 07.08.2014 /// 5:36pm

    haha! perfect maggie! 😉

  6. Talia /// 07.08.2014 /// 6:43pm

    His work is amazing, I love that he uses his wife’s pottery in his paintings too. Pottery and plants are such a winning combination. Shio’s work is online here:

  7. the jealous curator /// 07.09.2014 /// 9:15am

    oh i didn’t know that!! thank you so much for the info, and the link 🙂

  8. Talia /// 07.10.2014 /// 2:45am

    No problem. She was in the Biennial this year, and recently had a show at Anton Kern. They’re great in person and are always installed in a really cool way.

  9. Shawn McNulty /// 07.31.2015 /// 10:03am

    These are great. The flatness of the forms are wonderful and great subject matter.