niamh barry

Gasp! Bronze, glass, LEDs… the simple but elegant ingredients that go into these stunning sculptures, that happen to double as lighting! I’m kicking off my week in Dublin by featuring the breathtaking work of Dublin based sculptor/light designer Niamh Barry {great start, yes?}… this is her description of what goes into creating these works of art:

“With as many as twenty individual pieces of bronze to create just one ring section of a final piece and without moulds, I begin the time consuming process of hand joining each piece together using methods developed and perfected over twenty years. Slow and precise work, this is when we see the three dimensional form of the final piece emerge from the two dimensional material.

With the making process completed, which can sometimes involve as many as three thousand hand cut, hand polished pieces of glass and hundreds of hours of craftsmanship working with and finishing the bronze, the work is completed. Each piece is authenticated by a signature plate and dated.”

Gasp… again.

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  1. Lee @ Modern Granola /// 11.03.2014 /// 9:55am

    Wow! So chic and elegant!

  2. monday mood / nov. 3rd | mode and the like /// 11.03.2014 /// 10:15pm

    […] sculptures / an article about a discovered fragment of Amelia Earhart’s plane¬†/ the works of sculptor/light designer Niamh Barry¬†/ Andrea Lee’s excellent personal essay “Notes on the […]

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