collage scrap exchange!

The only thing better than a pile of weird images & random bits of pretty paper is gathering up those little scraps, popping them in an envelope, and mailing them to another artist that you’ve never met! Oh, this is so fun… I’m totally going to do it, and you should too! Sara from the illustration blog, Brown Paper Bag has teamed up with Papirmass to put on this very clever & creative art contest… here’s how it works:

1.  Sign up to participate in the Col­lage Scrap Exchange until November 15 (click Sign up to sign up!)

2. After Novem­ber 15, they’ll match up col­lage partners

3. You’ll pack­age your scraps and mail ‘em via snail mail to your partner (this is a world wide project!)

4. Once you receive your partner’s package, make a col­lage (or collages) using both of your scraps! Theme: New Landscapes

5. Turn in your fin­ished art­work before the Feb­ru­ary 15, 2015 deadline

You can win a prize package worth over $250! {$125 cash prize // 2 free subscriptions for Papir­mass // Get your work published in an issue of Papirmass}

So many fabulous people are participating, including one of my favorite collage artists, Anthony Zinonos, so sign up today… I just did {those are some of my scraps above!} Oh, and if you have any questions please email the organizers at to find out more. Thanks!

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  1. Richelle Alarin /// 11.01.2014 /// 7:52am

    Hi I’m 25 and currently located in the Philippines! But from California. Super excited for this!

  2. Colleen Miller /// 11.01.2014 /// 8:06am

    I am in! I would like to participate. I am in New Jersey!

  3. Malgorzata Mackowiak /// 11.01.2014 /// 8:16am

    Thaani you very much for this post! Iwould love to participate in this exchange. Thanke you for tour blog! I loveit!

  4. Jack Burden /// 11.01.2014 /// 9:10am

    Love a bit of collage

  5. Ryan Carr Johnson /// 11.01.2014 /// 9:18am

    Hello there…..I’m very much interested in participating in the “Collage scrap exchange” themed New Landscapes. However I have a question in regards to the ~ number of scraps one should plan on packaging & preparing to mail via snail mail? Are we talking a box full of scrap-images, or more like Manila size envelope of scape-images? Thanks for the additional info, looking forward to participating.

  6. the jealous curator /// 11.01.2014 /// 9:24am

    YAY! If you want to sign up, click on SIGN UP above … and ryan, i’m not sure actually! i’m thinking manilla envelope but it’s up to you i suppose!

  7. Karin Schuitema /// 11.01.2014 /// 9:49am

    Hello, I would love to sign up because I make collages a lot! So this is am extremely great idea for me and stimulating for getting out of my own scrap thoughts :). I am living in Istanbul now but will be living in the Netherlands from half of December onwards. So not sure which country I should take as an address? Thanks a lot.

  8. Júlia /// 11.01.2014 /// 10:55am

    Hi there,

    That’s also my concern: can ppl outside of the US (in my case, Brazil) participate as well?

  9. the jealous curator /// 11.01.2014 /// 1:07pm

    yes! everybody everywhere can participate! waaaaay more fun that way!

  10. Liz Waldman /// 11.01.2014 /// 10:13pm


    Great fun! I’ve got so many collage materials I’ve been collecting for a long time. Motivation galore, can’t wait to get going.


  11. Susan Clarke /// 11.01.2014 /// 11:21pm

    This sounds like a lot of fun. Would love to be a part of it. I am in Victoria, Australia. What a fantastic idea. Will look forward to hearing more. I’m in!

  12. tracie grace-gallagher /// 11.01.2014 /// 11:43pm

    I would love to participate in this. Sounds fantastic

  13. aSma /// 11.02.2014 /// 12:25am

    I just signed up! I was looking for an international exchange even for a while. I think this would be so much fun. I love collage and most of my work consist of making collage paintings. Very excited!!

  14. Oliviajohnson /// 11.02.2014 /// 3:48am

    I want to sign up but I’m concerned this is only for professional artists because I need to put in a website.. I’m just an art student right now!!?

  15. Mary Cook /// 11.02.2014 /// 5:10am

    I do not have a working artist website yet. I still would love to participate! Great idea!!

  16. Laura Dunn /// 11.02.2014 /// 5:39am

    This is such a great idea! I’m in too!

  17. Nat... /// 11.02.2014 /// 6:59am

    Thanks for sharing !
    I’m glad it’s International as I’m from France, living in Marseille.

  18. Virginia /// 11.02.2014 /// 7:18am

    I’m in !! I was also looking for an international exchange, how fun !! Just one question : as English is not my native language (I’m French), do I understand that we have to produce a collage only with the scraps our partner send us ? I’m not sure to understand the “using BOTH of your scraps” thing (sorry for this stupid question) ! 😉 Anyway I’m very excited !!

  19. Katrin /// 11.02.2014 /// 10:38am

    I’d love to be part of it … and yes, please, explain about the “both of your scraps”!
    Greetings from Germany.

  20. tijana /// 11.02.2014 /// 10:42am

    this is great, and just what i need right now. thanks for putting this together 🙂

  21. Rendell Hourigan /// 11.02.2014 /// 3:31pm

    I’m going to sign up! Sounds fun!

  22. Marcella /// 11.03.2014 /// 3:44am

    It sounds so inspiring! I’d love to participate from Italy, but I’m not really sure I understand exactly what you mean about “using BOTH of your scraps”.

  23. Heidi Scott /// 11.03.2014 /// 6:04am

    What a fabulous idea! This is going to be fun ;0)

  24. Nicole Chin /// 11.03.2014 /// 8:21am

    Hey all! In regards to your questions about “both of your scraps”: basically means that you will need to incorporate the scraps of the person you exchange with!

    If any of you have any more questions about the Papirmass/Brown Paper Bag Collage Scrap Exchange, email us at!

  25. the jealous curator /// 11.03.2014 /// 2:14pm

    thanks nicole! i just put the email on my fb post about this too 🙂

  26. Okanagan Art Review – Collage Scrap Exchange – invitation to participate in Jealous Curator project /// 11.03.2014 /// 8:28am

    […] Gathering up those little scraps, popping them in an envelope, and mailing them to another artist that you’ve never met! FUN! Sign up before Nov 15 (final art due in Feb) for the “Collage Scrap Exchange” put on byPapirmass and Brown Paper Bag … I signed up yesterday! More details on the site (ps. you could win a $250 prize package!) […]

  27. Andrea /// 11.04.2014 /// 4:10am

    Are we actually sending in the artwork when it is finished, or just an image?

  28. ellen rosengard /// 11.04.2014 /// 7:29am

    I cannot wait to be a part of this project! thank you!

  29. LaVerne Johnson /// 11.04.2014 /// 12:51pm

    this sounds like a really fun swap with all sorts of possibilities! I would love to take part.

  30. Tracey /// 11.04.2014 /// 1:03pm

    FAB idea !!!! Maybe this will get me out of my slump !

  31. zunaira saeed khan /// 11.05.2014 /// 10:07pm

    wow exchange of culture i must say sounds like a real fun i m a textile designer and an artist would love to be part of this project

  32. Nadin /// 11.15.2014 /// 12:08am

    Hi! Cannot wait the project to begin!
    But i haven`t receive any confirmation after my sign up:( is it ok?

  33. the jealous curator /// 11.15.2014 /// 9:23am

    hi nadin … today, nov 15, is the last day to sign up. once that’s closed they’ll send out the info re: your partner etc 🙂

  34. JellyD /// 11.19.2014 /// 9:47am

    When will the partners be sent out? I haven’t gotten mine yet… 🙁

  35. the jealous curator /// 11.19.2014 /// 9:50am

    hi! they just closed the sign up on nov 15… over 1000 people signed up so they’re just sorting through everything and you should get an email soon! you can always follow up here:

  36. Reg COTE /// 12.06.2014 /// 6:37am

    Hi! Is it too late to participate? Or if someone is interested to make contact with me for the project? Cheers! Reg (CanaDaDa)

  37. Anna B. Sexton /// 02.07.2015 /// 2:08am

    Seen the deadline – how do I turn my finished piece in??

  38. the jealous curator /// 02.07.2015 /// 11:02am

    you email it in… find all of the info at the scrap exchange web site:

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  41. Stacey Parrish /// 12.09.2016 /// 7:01am

    Hi Danielle,
    Is there any possibility of accepting a late entry? I just saw this, and I would love to participate!!!
    Thank you,
    Stacey Parrish

  42. the jealous curator /// 12.09.2016 /// 7:52am

    hey stacey, this is from last year… loooong over i’m afraid BUT pick a few friends and do the exchange with them. so fun!

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