chris wood

Whoa. These are glass wall panel installations by UK based artist Chris Wood. She says that her work is about expressing the “magic of light”. Um… nailed it! She uses dichroic glass, and in case you’ve never heard of dichroic glass, here you go:

“Dichroic (meaning two colour) is an optical coating that selectively reflects certain wavelengths  of light and allows the remaining wavelengths to transmit through. Developed in the late fifties by NASA to protect against the potentially harmful effects of direct sunlight and cosmic radiation, dichroic glass, with its striking visual qualities, has been used in a variety of scientific and industrial applications. The material shifts from being reflective like a golden mirror to vibrantly coloured or almost transparent, depending upon the viewpoint and angle of light. It is a material that very eloquently expresses the magic of the phenomenon of light.”

Oh yeah… I totally knew that.

{via Colossal}

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  1. Carla /// 11.20.2014 /// 10:00am

    so physics can be art?!
    i recently wrote about Camille Henrot who explores scientific knowledge in her art installations as just one of the means to acquire knowledge. interesting!

  2. earthandink /// 11.20.2014 /// 11:39am

    I adore dichroic glass! Who knew? (Well, Chris Wood apparently.)

    I also want to mention that I love your blog. I was looking for a blog that would expose me to working artists I’d not heard of, and found yours, and love it. Thank you.

  3. Rebecca /// 11.20.2014 /// 3:07pm

    I saw this artist on “My Modern Metropolis” (Facebook) a little while ago, and am blown away again.
    I love dichroic glass and have jewelry made of it, but more importantly: what are visual arts if not a manipulation of light? These installations just do it so fantastically, and masterfully, and beautifully. LOVE!

  4. Diana /// 12.06.2014 /// 9:17pm

    Love e your work

  5. christine Wood /// 04.19.2015 /// 1:37am

    Just come across this and wanted to say thanks for the great blog on my work.

  6. the jealous curator /// 04.19.2015 /// 8:38am

    oh, you’re welcome! your work is amazing!

  7. Ronald winn /// 01.12.2016 /// 8:12pm

    Wondering if an event will be coming to Seattle in 2016..I’m also designing a upscale dental office and would like to do some glass work Thanks

  8. Line /// 06.28.2016 /// 2:11pm

    Hi! awesome art, where do you buy those glass things?

  9. Line /// 06.28.2016 /// 2:32pm

    would it work with plexiglass?

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    […] […]

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