brooks salzwedel on sebastian foster

Oh. The work of LA based artist Brooks Salzwedel. I wrote about him a year ago, and you guys went crazy… rightly so! His work is layered, and magical, and oh so stunning. When I was putting together my list of “must-have” artists for the Jealous Curator Collection on Sebastian Foster, I just knew that I had to do something with Brooks! Luckily he said yes, and voila, the newest addition to the collection! It’s titled “Purple Blue Mountain”, and it is officially on my Christmas list. Let’s take a closer look at all of this layery-goodness {aka resin, graphite, tape, inkjet}, shall we?

Sigh. So, so good. I sure hope Santa heard that whole “Christmas list” thing.

Limited edition of 60 // 11″x14″ // Archival giclee prints on cotton rag paper // $40…
Visit my collection, and get one before they’re gone!

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  1. Lisa Krannichfeld /// 11.21.2014 /// 8:57am

    Obsessed with his work! Hope to see an original in person one day. I’m sure it’s a completely different experience seeing it in the flesh!

  2. the jealous curator /// 11.21.2014 /// 9:05am

    amazing in person!!! soooooo layered and mysterious and gorgeous!

  3. laura redburn /// 11.21.2014 /// 1:53pm

    whaaaaat! so nice.

  4. Laura Stone /// 11.21.2014 /// 2:14pm

    I feel like you would like this artist named Alexis. He does these interesting vintage collages and they are gorgeous. They belong in your blog!

    P.S. They revolve around feminism!!!!
    Email me and I’ll give you his website and info

  5. Lee @ Modern Granola /// 11.21.2014 /// 2:54pm

    Such nice colors going on. Love these.

  6. Nadia /// 12.01.2014 /// 9:48am

    Are they all really gone? :((((

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