kubo ayako


So sweet. So simple. All of these lovely pieces are from a series titled “Collapsed Appearance” by Japanese artist/illustrator Kubo Ayako. I’m not sure if there is significance behind these garments for Kubo, but it feels like each one has a personality and a story to tell. I would love for her to document my favorite sweater from childhood… you know, the knitted one with the rainbow stripes that doesn’t fit any more but I’ll still love it forever anyway. Yeah. That one.

comments (2)

  1. maggie /// 02.20.2015 /// 9:18am

    I want these all to be real shirts and to be in my closet, please.

  2. Nicolette /// 02.22.2015 /// 10:40am

    Really neat shirts! I enjoy looking at the colors and patterns and gently folded shirts!