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Wow. Thank you – all 693 of you!? – so much for your lovely, heartfelt, encouraging comments! I may have teared up more than once. Anyway, it’s time to announce a winner for this gorgeous print by Lola Donoghue. Ready? Congratulations to Sabrina Kirwam! And again, thanks to all of you for entering… I wish I had 693 prints to give away. Don’t worry, more giveaways are just around the corner! xo



Yep. Today marks six years since my very first post on The Jealous Curator. Craziness. Six years of amazing, awe-inspiring, damn I wish I thought of that art! There have been curated shows, and book deals, and trips to Oprah’s studio… and absolutely none of it would have happened without all of  YOU showing up to read, comment, and ooh ‘n ahh right along with me every day! Thank you!!! And, a big thank you to Irish painter Lola Donoghue, because she’s letting me give away one of her gorgeous 30″x40″ abstract prints to celebrate…



This beauty is titled “French Fancy” … oh, I love it so much! Leave a comment below and I’ll draw one name on Wednesday February 25 at 9am PST. Good luck, and thank you again! xo ps. Anyone can enter… this is a world wide giveaway because you guys are a world wide crowd!

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  1. Liz Vogt /// 02.22.2015 /// 9:00am

    Beautiful painting, and happy anniversary.

  2. Maggie Patton /// 02.22.2015 /// 9:04am

    You are SO fun to follow, and after an entire year of your posts I can honestly say that I have loved every single one. If you visit my website for upholstery you’ll see just how great this print would look fit into my style (and my studio!).

    Congrats on 6 wonderful years!
    Maggie Patton, Halifax, NS

  3. Angela Bradburn /// 02.22.2015 /// 9:04am

    Beautiful painting, and happy anniversary x

  4. Begoña Rubio /// 02.22.2015 /// 9:05am

    Congratulations on your sixth anniversary.

  5. Jenni Kärnä-Escalante /// 02.22.2015 /// 9:06am

    Damn, I wish I would have painted that! 😀
    I love the painting, and love your blog. Congrats!

  6. Sandy Lang /// 02.22.2015 /// 9:06am

    Thanks so much for the daily arty treat.

  7. Bethie Helliwell /// 02.22.2015 /// 9:06am

    Congratulations on 6 years!
    My partner and I have also just celebrated 6 years 🙂
    I love your posts and really enjoyed speaking with you last year.
    This is a gorgeous give away! Thank you x
    Good luck with the future, I’m sure it is going to be bright! x

  8. Madison Fairburn /// 02.22.2015 /// 9:07am

    What a ride!! We are all benefitting from your success!! This is only the beginning!

  9. Tracey /// 02.22.2015 /// 9:08am

    Congratulations on all of your accomplishments! So awesome!! Happy #6 Anniversary!!!

  10. Marissa Raglin /// 02.22.2015 /// 9:09am

    To go along with your Thank You post, I’d like to say Thank You right back! Without your book’s encouragement, I don’t believe I would be experimenting and working with the new medium of collage. Happy 6th and many years to come- influencing artists to take risks and try new things! MR

  11. Maren /// 02.22.2015 /// 9:09am

    Happy happy anniversary! I really enjoy reading your posts and I am definitely ooh ‘n ahh-ing right along with you. Congrtulations and thank you very much for great entertainment and sharing wonderful art works!

  12. connie /// 02.22.2015 /// 9:09am

    Beautiful!! Now you’re making me jealous…

  13. Laura Viola Preciado /// 02.22.2015 /// 9:11am

    I love having inspiration show up on my news feed! Thank you and happy anniversary!

  14. ^Asa Jomard /// 02.22.2015 /// 9:11am

    Love your blog!

  15. Laura Felton /// 02.22.2015 /// 9:12am

    Congratulations on 6 years of fabulous posts, amazing art and fabulous facts. Love reading every part. Love this print too. Good luck all x

  16. Arielle Goddard /// 02.22.2015 /// 9:13am

    congratulations! You are such an inspiration. I LOVE your blog and books so much. Can’t wait to see what the next 6 bring.

  17. Amy Campbell /// 02.22.2015 /// 9:14am

    Congratulations on 6 years of inspiring creativity! Lucky will be the home that gets to show off Ms. Donoghue’s lovely print.

  18. Sybyahnah Nemirovsky /// 02.22.2015 /// 9:14am

    I’m a new follower of yours but quickly fell in love with your eye for beauty! Thank you for making my newsfeed brighter. Love the print!

  19. Tara Goldberg /// 02.22.2015 /// 9:14am

    Lola’s work is soooooo dreamt beautiful!!

  20. Marian /// 02.22.2015 /// 9:14am

    happy anniversary! stay awesome!

  21. Dina /// 02.22.2015 /// 9:15am


  22. Andrea Jennings /// 02.22.2015 /// 9:15am

    Your blog is a smorgasbord for the eyes! Congrats and good luck with the next six!

  23. Melissa /// 02.22.2015 /// 9:16am

    Congratulations!!! I didn’t discover The Jealous Curator until a few months ago. I sure wish it would’ve been 6 years ago!

  24. Roger Thompson /// 02.22.2015 /// 9:17am

    How wonderful….and a wonderful anniversary. Congrats!

  25. Laura Mayo /// 02.22.2015 /// 9:17am

    Thanks for six years of wonderful inspiration – here’s to many more! Love your blog and love this gorgeous artwork too!

  26. Rachel jones /// 02.22.2015 /// 9:17am

    Your posts make my day

  27. Lisa /// 02.22.2015 /// 9:17am

    Your such an awesome advocate for visual arts!

  28. Denise /// 02.22.2015 /// 9:18am

    A Beautiful Print and thank you for adding inspiration to my life via Facebook. You’ve introduced me to artists I wouldn’t have otherwise known about!

  29. Carley smith /// 02.22.2015 /// 9:18am

    happy anniversary!

  30. Alyssa /// 02.22.2015 /// 9:18am

    Sweet sassy molassy I would love to win one of her prints. Swoon.

  31. Naomi Ernest /// 02.22.2015 /// 9:19am

    Yay! Happy 6! thank you for sharing with us. 🙂

  32. Sonal /// 02.22.2015 /// 9:19am

    Congratulations and thank you for the endless hours of inspiration!

  33. Marivi /// 02.22.2015 /// 9:19am

    Congratulations!!! Thank you for all the beautiful art!!! 🙂

  34. Laura /// 02.22.2015 /// 9:19am

    thanks for introducing me to so many great artists over the years! i <3 your posts!

  35. Ting Ting /// 02.22.2015 /// 9:20am

    Happy Anniversary*~!! love your posts, always very inspiring ~! love Lola’s painting~!

  36. Jasmine /// 02.22.2015 /// 9:20am

    Congratulations on your six years! Your blog has been so uplifting and inspiring to me.

  37. Jon Hendricks /// 02.22.2015 /// 9:20am

    I love your site and books etc etc.( I’m kinda a jealous curator groupie) I’m not ashamed.

  38. Bekah A /// 02.22.2015 /// 9:20am

    Congrats! I’ve loved following you for the last few years!

  39. Jennifer /// 02.22.2015 /// 9:21am

    Happy 6 years to you!!

  40. Jon Hendricks /// 02.22.2015 /// 9:22am

    Oh I forgot. Happy anniversary. I forgot to put it in my other comment.

  41. Alex C /// 02.22.2015 /// 9:22am

    What a beautiful painting! Congrats and thanks for all of the inspiration. Here’s to many more!

  42. Nicole P /// 02.22.2015 /// 9:22am

    Congrats on 6 awesome years! Excited for many more!

  43. Lauren packard /// 02.22.2015 /// 9:23am

    Thanks for all the inspiration!! Xo

  44. Jennifer Cole /// 02.22.2015 /// 9:23am

    Congrats and thanks! I’ve been doing the stay at home mom thing and don’t get to galleries and museums like I used to do, you’ve save my brain! And introduced me to some great works!

  45. Sarah Murphy /// 02.22.2015 /// 9:24am

    Congrats! The Jealous Curator has the same birthday as my mom.

  46. carol /// 02.22.2015 /// 9:25am

    Congratulations on a wonderful six years! I am so pleased to have discovered you and your always inspiring gatherings of art. It’s like visiting my favourite art gallery every day ;o)

  47. Kelly S /// 02.22.2015 /// 9:25am

    Congratulations to my absolute favorite website!

  48. Katia /// 02.22.2015 /// 9:25am

    Congratulations and thank you for all the wonderful inspiration. xo

  49. Lindsay /// 02.22.2015 /// 9:26am

    Congratulations!!! I’m so happy I stumbled onto your account on IG – you’ve connected me with so many amazing artists. 🙂 (also, OMG Lola Donoghue’s work just slays me… I’d love to own a print!)

  50. Rhianon /// 02.22.2015 /// 9:27am

    Congratulations! You have been such an inspiration!!

  51. Courtney /// 02.22.2015 /// 9:27am

    Gorgeous!! Xo

  52. Caitlin /// 02.22.2015 /// 9:27am

    Congratulations – I love this website! (And what a beautiful painting!)

  53. Dean /// 02.22.2015 /// 9:28am

    Congrats and put me in that draw!

  54. Joanna /// 02.22.2015 /// 9:28am

    Happy 6 years! 🙂

  55. Jenny /// 02.22.2015 /// 9:28am

    So much to be proud of! Thank you for inspiring us all. And I would absolutely love one of Lola’s beautiful prints! I have just the spot for it. xox

  56. Emily Platt /// 02.22.2015 /// 9:29am

    Congratulations on 6 years! Love the print and especially the blog–something to look forward to every day!

  57. Tara H /// 02.22.2015 /// 9:30am

    Happy Anniversary! So gorgeous <3

  58. Jaylynn Buckley /// 02.22.2015 /// 9:30am

    Congrats on 6 years! I always love the art you spotlight

  59. Mandolynne /// 02.22.2015 /// 9:30am

    Congratulations on 6 years! I enjoy everything you post 🙂 You are such an inspiration!

  60. Danielle /// 02.22.2015 /// 9:30am

    Congrats on 6 years! How exciting. And, this painting is just gorgeous.

  61. susan /// 02.22.2015 /// 9:31am

    Thank you!!! I been enjoying seeing all the beautiful art!!

  62. Catherine Stelling /// 02.22.2015 /// 9:31am

    I would love to win this beautiful print!

  63. Kara /// 02.22.2015 /// 9:32am

    Thanks for 6 years of sharing so much beauty!

  64. Heather Burgess /// 02.22.2015 /// 9:33am

    … A new follower since 2014, it’s been a great motivator and pairs well with
    my coffee on saturday morning

  65. Carol M /// 02.22.2015 /// 9:33am

    Thank you so much for your wonderful blog. Love how u are always showcasing talent and never afraid to share the limelight!
    This painting is pretty gorg!!


  66. kasia /// 02.22.2015 /// 9:33am

    You are making me smile everytime you post something new!! You are a big inspiration. Great job!

  67. helen macduff /// 02.22.2015 /// 9:33am

    Thank u for being a source of inspiration to my high school art students and I!

  68. DeAndra H. /// 02.22.2015 /// 9:33am

    Congratulations on 6 years! I always love your posts and Lola Donoghue’s work is wonderful. Such a beautiful painting

  69. Linda Colsh /// 02.22.2015 /// 9:33am

    congrats on the big 6

  70. Ashleigh /// 02.22.2015 /// 9:34am

    Happy anniversary! I’m crossing my fingers 🙂

  71. April /// 02.22.2015 /// 9:35am

    Congratulations! You have exquisite taste!

  72. Matt Cheadle /// 02.22.2015 /// 9:35am

    Beautiful print! Congratulations on your anniversary!!

  73. Francesca /// 02.22.2015 /// 9:36am


  74. Terra /// 02.22.2015 /// 9:38am

    happy blogiversary!!! I love your posts in my insta and am happy to know you have s blog too!

  75. Sue H /// 02.22.2015 /// 9:38am

    Thanks for sharing so much with us over the past six years

  76. Andie /// 02.22.2015 /// 9:39am

    Wow, this is gorgeous! Congrats!

  77. Christine /// 02.22.2015 /// 9:39am

    Thank you for continuing to share such incredible and inspiring artists.

  78. Wendy Seebohar /// 02.22.2015 /// 9:40am

    I always enjoy seeing your finds. This is one of my favorite artist!

  79. Trisha Gilmore /// 02.22.2015 /// 9:43am

    Your posts always make me so happy I get to pause and look at art. A little moment if zen!

  80. Marian Richardson /// 02.22.2015 /// 9:44am

    Love your taste in art. Thanks for sharing. Six years… wish I had found you earlier. Cheers.

  81. Kelly Keitzer /// 02.22.2015 /// 9:46am

    Love her paintings! Congratulations on 6 years

  82. Surina /// 02.22.2015 /// 9:46am

    Happy birthday to The Jealous Curator! Lovely blog, a great source of inspiration!

  83. Ana /// 02.22.2015 /// 9:47am

    Happy, happy birthdaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!!!!!!

  84. Karen /// 02.22.2015 /// 9:48am

    Thanks for all the years of sharing such beautiful artwork! Congrats, here’s to many many more!

  85. Isil Nguyen /// 02.22.2015 /// 9:49am

    Happy birthday to you jalous curator. I love every artist you curate at your blog. Keep up the good work and thank you!

  86. Emily /// 02.22.2015 /// 9:50am

    yay for six years of beautiful//bizarre/bright/brilliant art finds!

  87. Diane O'Neil /// 02.22.2015 /// 9:50am

    i love all the art you showcase on your fantastic site!

  88. Raquel shalam /// 02.22.2015 /// 9:51am

    Love this website! I just ordered your book, can’t wait for it to come!

  89. Missy /// 02.22.2015 /// 9:52am

    Congrats on 6 beauty-filled years!

  90. Aubrey Hittle /// 02.22.2015 /// 9:53am

    Congrats! Thank you for sharing beauty every day! You seriously have my dream job!

  91. Francine /// 02.22.2015 /// 9:53am

    Oh, so lovely! And Happy Anniversary!

  92. Kat /// 02.22.2015 /// 9:53am

    This is an amazing giveaway and HUGE congrats to 6 years! Love discovering new awesomeness on your site. Keep up inspiring us! xo

  93. Chelsea /// 02.22.2015 /// 9:53am

    Congratulations and happy birthday to the site! Six fabulous years 🙂

  94. Meagan /// 02.22.2015 /// 9:54am

    Congrats & thanks for the inspiration 🙂

  95. Holly Cromer /// 02.22.2015 /// 9:55am

    I love your blog, your books, and Lola’s paintings! Happy blog anniversary!

  96. Eddy /// 02.22.2015 /// 9:57am

    Your taste is exquisite and your website a joy!
    Happy anniversary from Barcelona!
    Un abrazo

  97. Wendy Wong /// 02.22.2015 /// 9:57am

    Woop woop congrats <3

  98. Mel Sharp /// 02.22.2015 /// 9:58am
  99. Rebecca Smith /// 02.22.2015 /// 9:59am

    I’d fancy the pants of this piece hanging in my living room!!

  100. kristin /// 02.22.2015 /// 9:59am


  101. Nau /// 02.22.2015 /// 9:59am

    Awww so lovely <3 happy web birthday 😀

  102. Sian Jordan /// 02.22.2015 /// 9:59am

    thank you for what you share, it’s a way of life . Happy anniversary x

  103. Dorofteiu Ioana /// 02.22.2015 /// 10:02am

    I visit your site every day because you are an inspiration to me. Happy anniversary!

  104. amanda /// 02.22.2015 /// 10:02am

    Love this blog!!! Just got your book, too…can’t wait to start it! Lola’s painting is sooo beautiful, I can’t stop staring. huge congrats…can’t wait to see what other inspiring artists you will introduce us all to!

  105. Meghan Stewart /// 02.22.2015 /// 10:03am

    Thanks for the constant inspiration! Happy anniversary! xx

  106. claire /// 02.22.2015 /// 10:04am

    Congratulations! I love your blog it’s one of my must reads everyday. And thank you for featuring me twice, I am very grateful for your support. cx

  107. anna golden /// 02.22.2015 /// 10:05am

    I love your blog. Thanks for all of your hard work!

  108. Anna Schinella /// 02.22.2015 /// 10:05am

    Thank you so much for sharing the things that you fancy! Congratulations on 6 years!

  109. Kozy Marie /// 02.22.2015 /// 10:05am

    Keep up the beautiful and inspirational work on your blog!!!! We love the art you give us!!!!! ☺

  110. Bekah SCherokee /// 02.22.2015 /// 10:06am

    Congrats on six amazing years !

  111. Bekah Schweiger /// 02.22.2015 /// 10:07am

    ok not sure how I messed up my own name so bad..

    Haha take 2:

    Congrats on six amazing years !

  112. Willow Zelsmann /// 02.22.2015 /// 10:11am

    Lovely piece! Congratulations!

  113. Francesca /// 02.22.2015 /// 10:12am


  114. Jessica H /// 02.22.2015 /// 10:12am

    Happy Anniversary!

  115. heather kurdyla /// 02.22.2015 /// 10:12am

    Always inspired.

  116. Jill pilon /// 02.22.2015 /// 10:13am

    I LOVE your site and I always look forward to your inspiring posts! Cheers to six years and for many more!

  117. Inenesa Ma /// 02.22.2015 /// 10:13am

    Congrats on your 6 year anniversary from Croatia! I love your blog and the art that you pick…Keep up the good work!

  118. Janet /// 02.22.2015 /// 10:20am

    I’m a huge fan of Lola’s work and yours. EVERY artist has moments of jealousy and “Why the hell didn’t I think of that?” I just love the name of the site and your commitment to sharing unique approaches to art. And yeah, I’m happily jealous of you, your art, your books, your website… 😉 You’re an art and design diva and a humble one, too. Keep at it!

  119. Luana /// 02.22.2015 /// 10:21am

    Congrats. I’m glad you could not only display other artists, but start your own thing!

  120. amanda vs /// 02.22.2015 /// 10:21am

    I’m so glad I found your blog. Congratulations on your six years!

  121. Elaine /// 02.22.2015 /// 10:22am

    A new follower of your site, though I’ve heard about it for years!! Beautiful, always brightens my day and informs my work. Thank you, Happy Blogiversary!!!!!! Bisous de la louisianne!

  122. Erin Day /// 02.22.2015 /// 10:23am

    what a beautiful print! I’m jealous of you doing this for 6 years! Here’s to many more 🙂

  123. Jenny Jones /// 02.22.2015 /// 10:23am

    A lovely idea and congratulations on your blog. It is provocative and has introduced me to some hitherto unknown artists.

  124. beth /// 02.22.2015 /// 10:26am

    Yes please! And congrats on 6!

  125. ren /// 02.22.2015 /// 10:26am

    Congratulations! Time DOES indeed fly. I have been making art since the mid-1980s and can’t believe that it’s been that long. I’ve learned a lot in that time and expect to learn more as I continue. I love your blog because it shows me art that I might not see otherwise. Thank you!

  126. maggie /// 02.22.2015 /// 10:26am

    I am so so glad you’re around. I feel like you’re providing a real helpful service to those of us who need help being introduced to art!

  127. marta /// 02.22.2015 /// 10:27am

    Happy Anniversary! Your work is amazing!! :)))

  128. Samantha /// 02.22.2015 /// 10:27am

    Congrats on your anniversary! You came to speak at the ‘studio’ where I work last March, and hearing your story first hand was truly inspirational. I love the book, and love following your blog. To me, you represent just how important it is to be true to yourself, and when you curate what you share., the rest will follow. Thanks for all you do!

  129. Jessica Minshull /// 02.22.2015 /// 10:27am

    Well done on 6 years!

  130. Sarah May Rogers /// 02.22.2015 /// 10:29am

    Thanks for the inspiration and encouragement x

  131. Rendell Hourigan /// 02.22.2015 /// 10:29am

    I love seeing who you share with us each day and also seeing bits of your work as well. You are multitalented and I hope to see you again next time you are in Vancouver! Congrats on your many successes and thank you for this generous giveaway! I love Lisa’s work.

  132. Sarah J /// 02.22.2015 /// 10:30am

    Amazing work in 6 years. Congrats!!

  133. Rendell Hourigan /// 02.22.2015 /// 10:31am

    Darn…I meant Lola!

  134. Rluca Ag /// 02.22.2015 /// 10:32am

    Congratulations on the 6th anniversary & thank you for such awesome inspiration throughout the years.

  135. Josephine L /// 02.22.2015 /// 10:33am

    Happy anniversary! Thanks for the inspiration and beauty. <3

  136. Nicolette /// 02.22.2015 /// 10:34am

    I recently bought the “creative block” book because I am a blockhead right now and want to get back on track with my art again. Today I read the first interview in the book,,,,,inspired about the book, I decided to check out the-jealous-curator website for the first time and was surprised to find it’s your 6th anniversary blog! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Thank you for reaching out to us creative blockheads!

  137. Jen moakley /// 02.22.2015 /// 10:35am

    Congrats and what a beautiful print!!

  138. Janet /// 02.22.2015 /// 10:35am

    Congratulations on 6 years of inspiring posts! Your blog and book have been a huge catalyst for me to get my brushes and paints out of the closet and onto some canvases. Thank you. 🙂

  139. Robyn Dixon /// 02.22.2015 /// 10:36am

    Happy anniversary and congratulations on six wonderful years. Thank you for widening my appreciation of all forms of art.

  140. Elise /// 02.22.2015 /// 10:38am

    Congrats on 6 years! Thanks for all that you do!

  141. nancy /// 02.22.2015 /// 10:39am

    Congrats, I enjoy your posts. Fingers crossed!

  142. Frank Conway /// 02.22.2015 /// 10:40am

    Nice one 🙂

  143. Linnea Fitterer /// 02.22.2015 /// 10:41am

    Congratulations on six years! That’s incredible. Keep this train going! I adore all of the art and artists you showcase.

  144. Joanna Johnson /// 02.22.2015 /// 10:42am

    I just recently started following you and I love the beautiful pictures you post!

  145. Whitney Rolfe /// 02.22.2015 /// 10:44am

    Congrats on six years! What a lovely print 🙂

  146. Cassandra Slack /// 02.22.2015 /// 10:45am

    Yes please!

  147. Emily /// 02.22.2015 /// 10:46am

    Congrats! Love your blog. This painting is amazing.

  148. Rita /// 02.22.2015 /// 10:49am

    Thanks for introducing me to so many great artists! I always look forward to your posts.

  149. Devon /// 02.22.2015 /// 10:50am

    Congratulations! I’m an elementary art teacher and your blog inspires many of my lessons and introduces me to new artists to show my kiddos!

  150. Laura Turnbull /// 02.22.2015 /// 10:51am

    Ooooo beautiful (standard reaction to your posts!). Congratulations! Exited for the many years to come.

  151. Katie H /// 02.22.2015 /// 10:57am

    Can’t believe it has been six years, congrats! I’ve been a longtime fan, and am looking forward to continued jealousy for the next six 🙂

  152. Graeme /// 02.22.2015 /// 11:00am

    This is a great print. I love the colours in this piece. I’m always impressed with the quality of art up on this blog!

  153. Athea /// 02.22.2015 /// 11:01am

    Happy Anniversary! Thanks for all the inspiration over the years!

  154. Marci /// 02.22.2015 /// 11:04am

    Thank you for your site! I love it.

  155. EAV /// 02.22.2015 /// 11:06am

    Recommend your site to all art lovers I know. Keep up the good work!

  156. Vanessa Lee /// 02.22.2015 /// 11:08am

    Because you offer the best inspiration to all us jealous creative schmucks

  157. Bethany /// 02.22.2015 /// 11:09am

    Thank you for making incredible, lovely art available fr the every day art lover. I know you are such an encouragement to the artists of our time. Where would civilization be without the beauty generated through the artist heart and minds?!? Long love the Jealous Curator! Thanks for idea of giving away that stunning work of art. I would be well loved by my little family and all those we welcome into it!

  158. Sarah /// 02.22.2015 /// 11:13am

    Congratulations on 6 gorgeous years! I just found your blog and read through as many posts as I could, before I felt like I had to make an object immediately. I started the recent #creativeunblock challenge yesterday, and it’s already led to a new series of work. Thank you for the inspiration! To many more years!

  159. Lybrich /// 02.22.2015 /// 11:15am

    Thank you for sharing all your marvelous springs of inspiration and thoughts with us!
    Every morning your blog gives me new inspiration (accompanied with a nice cup of tea that is)
    Already looking forward to tomorrow 🙂

  160. Kathleen /// 02.22.2015 /// 11:15am

    I just discovered you recently. I live in a rural area, and your Blog gives me a way of seeing new art that I might never come across otherwise. I make it to a museum every now and then, but being able to see new things is so refreshing. Happy Anniversary, and here’s to many more!

  161. Ingrid /// 02.22.2015 /// 11:15am

    a very happy one to you and many more. Thanx for the inspiration and getting me back to making art! x

  162. Jessica /// 02.22.2015 /// 11:16am

    Yayyy a worldwide give away

  163. Adina Toader /// 02.22.2015 /// 11:18am

    Happy anniversary!

  164. Emily Johnston /// 02.22.2015 /// 11:18am

    Thank you for introducing me to some wonderful artwork in the past 6 years! Your blog is truly wonderful! Congratulations.

  165. Ellen Schaffer /// 02.22.2015 /// 11:21am

    If being jealous is wrong, I don’t wanna be right! Keep up the amazing work!

  166. Lucie Reeves-Smith /// 02.22.2015 /// 11:21am

    Gorgeous print, Lola! Congratulations on this anniversary, I’m sure you will grace our computer screens for many more years! Thank you for sharing 😀

  167. Kristine Sloan /// 02.22.2015 /// 11:27am

    Lola Donoghue is one of my favorite artists thanks to your site. I don’t think I would have discovered her without your help. Thank you!

  168. claire streather /// 02.22.2015 /// 11:27am

    a true inspiration x thanks x you know why x awesome site, awesome books, awesome person….. x nuff said x

  169. yulie /// 02.22.2015 /// 11:28am

    Thank you for sharing inspiration to all of us 🙂

  170. Guanina Cotto /// 02.22.2015 /// 11:30am

    I’ve been a fan for a few years now and i’m looking forward to many more years. Congratulations!! 🙂 🙂

  171. Carolina /// 02.22.2015 /// 11:30am

    Congratulations! This is so lovely!

  172. Alice /// 02.22.2015 /// 11:31am

    love love love this painting!

  173. Sarah G /// 02.22.2015 /// 11:34am

    Congratulations, and beautiful!!

  174. Sarah Steele /// 02.22.2015 /// 11:35am

    Love this! Amazing giveaway and congratulations on 6 years! That is so awesome. 🙂

  175. Amanda /// 02.22.2015 /// 11:41am

    I’ve been reading all six of those years and loving every bit of inspiration! thank you!

  176. Annaliese /// 02.22.2015 /// 11:42am

    Congrats to 6 wonderful years…I will think of you and your run whenever I look at this work of art…after I win, of course. 😉

  177. Kayla Lake /// 02.22.2015 /// 11:45am

    Your blog is has been my gateway to discovering some of my favorite artists! Thank you for everything you do!

  178. Beatriz /// 02.22.2015 /// 11:45am

    Congrats!! It’s a awesome site and a awesome painting! ((:

  179. Elisa Keir /// 02.22.2015 /// 11:50am

    Muchas gracias for the eternal inspirations!

  180. Victoria /// 02.22.2015 /// 11:51am

    Happy blogiversary! I’m an artist, and this is my fave art blog, you truly share different and well done work and I wanna thank you for that.

    …I hope I get to win the print, that piece is amazing!


  181. Clio /// 02.22.2015 /// 11:51am

    Beautiful website, beautiful piece

  182. Katherine /// 02.22.2015 /// 11:54am

    Happy Blogiversary!
    Cheers!… to celebrating many more.

  183. Shelley C /// 02.22.2015 /// 12:06pm

    Six years doesn’t seem like a long time, looking back, does it? To many more years and new adventures!

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    Congrats! Must say I admire your inspiring blog and taste in arts.

    Ps. Greetings from Finland!

  185. Laura Daub /// 02.22.2015 /// 12:09pm

    Happy Anniversary! I love reading your posts and can’t wait for another 6 years! I would love to win this beautiful print!

  186. Mason F /// 02.22.2015 /// 12:09pm

    I’m in love with your blog and it has inspired me to become a curator myself. I am just an undergraduate student right now, but my goal now is to create my own curatorial studies major and later move on to a masters degree. I am officially jealous of the jealous curator. Congrats! x

  187. Lauren George /// 02.22.2015 /// 12:14pm

    Congrats on your blogiversary! You have so much to be proud of.
    I have followed Lola for years and love love love her work.
    Crossing my fingers!!


  188. Sarah A Peterson /// 02.22.2015 /// 12:15pm

    Love your blog, and love the painting! I know what you mean about wishing you had thought of making the art first! 🙂 oh and congrats. 7 years is a long time to stick with something.

  189. Kari P /// 02.22.2015 /// 12:15pm

    Thank you for providing the world with a space to experience an all out sensory delight for the last 6 years. It has been a real pleasure I look forward to many more years! Top drawer congrats!

  190. Les /// 02.22.2015 /// 12:16pm

    congratulations. Your daily art selections are a delight.
    Love Lola’s paintings too.

  191. Alison H /// 02.22.2015 /// 12:16pm

    Love your blog and posts, I have discovered a lot of new fabulous art because of your blog. Keep up the great work and thanks!

  192. B Burdick /// 02.22.2015 /// 12:17pm

    Congratulations on 6 beautiful art filled years! May there be many more to come!

  193. Kelly /// 02.22.2015 /// 12:17pm

    Congratulations! Awesome & such an inspirational blog. As a high school Art Teacher I’m always referring students to your blog. And, that Lola Donoghue artwork would look perfect in my new inner city retro unit.

  194. Alice /// 02.22.2015 /// 12:19pm

    Happy anniversary!! (:

  195. Caroline McKell /// 02.22.2015 /// 12:19pm

    Congrats on 6 years! I first found you through your work with Emily Henderson on the Fig House. I’ve loved your daily inspirations on Instagram ever since! This painting in particular is amazing and what an honor it would be to win it and give it a great home! I would love it every day and give it the daily attention and adoration it deserves!! 🙂

  196. Line /// 02.22.2015 /// 12:20pm

    ooohhh I would LOVE one of these prints, it would look great in my livingroom. Thanks for tons of inspiration through your site, I love it.

  197. Shelley /// 02.22.2015 /// 12:20pm

    I have been reading your blog daily for 4 years now. You have opened my eyes to some incredible talent. My walls would be bare without you!

  198. Michele /// 02.22.2015 /// 12:22pm

    Congratulations! Cheers to the big 6 and many many years to come!

  199. Maeve /// 02.22.2015 /// 12:22pm

    I am an aspiring artist myself and I follow your posts always! Great for inspiration 🙂 congrats! And I absolutely love this piece. So calm.

  200. Kristen Nelson /// 02.22.2015 /// 12:30pm

    With every post you make, I learn so much and fall so deeply in love with an artist. You style, taste, and creativity are inspiring, and it has been so much fun to watch your blog flourish. Congrats on 6 years!

  201. Alison Updyke /// 02.22.2015 /// 12:36pm

    Forever Fan from Michigan.

  202. Tommie /// 02.22.2015 /// 12:46pm

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    ♡ with love from The Netherlands

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    Happy anniversary! Thank you for keeping this blog running for so long! I’m always kind of amazed when I realize how long I have been following some blogs, and yours is no exception. I’ve moved a few times while reading you, and this is now my first apartment where 100% of what’s on my walls is “real art” (i.e. no generic hugely-mass-produced pieces) and they are all from artists that I’ve discovered through you. Each piece feels very special to me, and I cannot thank you enough for introducing these artists to us.

    I’ve been dreaming of being able to afford a beautiful bigger piece, and “French Fancy” looks amazing, so it would be wonderful to win it. Plus, my mother tongue is French and I am oh-so-fancy, so it would be quite fitting!

  218. Jen /// 02.22.2015 /// 1:45pm

    Thank you for sharing such great finds!!

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    Congratulations and happy blog anniversary! Love the print – am sure it will find a happy home with whoever is lucky enough to win it. I enjoy the blog and am so envious (in a good way!) of the talent and the creative work I find here x

  234. sarah /// 02.22.2015 /// 2:13pm

    congrats!!! i totally love what you do so please continue for many, many years to come, okay? 😉
    oh, and winning this beautiful french fancy would be awesome!

  235. paula /// 02.22.2015 /// 2:14pm

    It’s fun to read by watch ND explore all your good stuff though! Congratulations!

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    Many congratulations!!! Your website is an inspiration and thanks to your blog I have discovered so many wonderful artists like Lola Donoghoue, who is one of my absolute favourites!!! Thank you very much for doing what you do and all the best for the I’m sure many years to come!!!

  241. DAISY /// 02.22.2015 /// 2:57pm

    THANK YOU for being such a reliable source of gorgeous and mad material from the deepest caves of wonder. So much adoration for Emily Barletta, discovered through your book “Creative Block”, which I will always refer to whenever I am stuck. The art world can’t do without people like you!

  242. mai ito /// 02.22.2015 /// 3:04pm

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    I love, love Lola Donoghue’s work. You first introduced me to her work and I have been an avid follower ever since of her work and your blog. I really, really want to see this print up in my bedroom, sure hope you will draw my name. Thanks for having such a great blog over the past 6 years. Yummy, is all I can say.

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  257. Amy Pierrson /// 02.22.2015 /// 4:17pm

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    CONGRATULATIONS!!! This blog has managed to stay fresh, engaging and relevant in the constantly evolving world of the internet.

    The longevity of this site can be attributed to not only your keen eye but also the way you make your readers feel inspired, included and appreciated.

    Thank you for your contagious passion and those little tummy butterflies I get when you post something truly breathtaking.

  264. Ben /// 02.22.2015 /// 5:10pm

    6 years! Wow, congrats. I’ve only been following for 6 months and can only imagine all the great stuff I have missed.

  265. Matthew LeVier /// 02.22.2015 /// 5:18pm

    Congrats ! Love your story…I heard a podcast that was great. It’s nice to hear that you have such a supportive husband! You two work very well together ! Best of luck to you and your family !
    Awesome artwork !

  266. Melanie /// 02.22.2015 /// 5:22pm

    Love the site…though it’s bad for my acquisitive tendencies.

  267. Amberlie Perkin /// 02.22.2015 /// 5:23pm

    It was so wonderful hearing you talk and getting to meet you in person at our recent pro-d at the VAG. You are a true inspiration! I can’t wait to share your blog with my art students so they can enjoy the daily dose of great artworks too! Congratulations on all of your amazing success!

  268. Audrey /// 02.22.2015 /// 6:06pm

    How wonderful! I am absolutely in love with this blog, 6 years is quite the accomplishment. Lola’s piece is AMAZING. What a fun giveaway!

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    happy anniversary and thank you for all your hard work. I know just how much work it is, having just closed down my jewellery making business, which I’d had for 6 years. Its wonderful to have a creative business & unfortunate that so many people just don’t see all the effort you put into it but in the end its all worth it, especially when your customers & followers tell you so.

    I follow your posts beacuse they simply make me happy so I hope you really do have a happy anniversary indeed! 🙂

  276. Steve B /// 02.22.2015 /// 7:47pm

    Happy anniversary. 6 years are an eternity in this business. Keep up the good work.

    Steve B

  277. Five /// 02.22.2015 /// 7:52pm

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    And thanks for the opportunity to win. I ADORE Lola’s art!

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    Hi! I’m so happy for you and thank you for sharing and inspiring is all. Best wishes to you!

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    Happy Anniversary! Congratulations! Many more years of wonderful art to come. Thank you for writing. 🙂 This is a beautiful giveaway! Thank you.

  284. Virginia /// 02.22.2015 /// 8:43pm

    Danielle, big congrats on your 6-year anniversary & on your amazing accomplishments during that time! Love your blog, your books, your vision & your incredible talent . . . and thank you for shining a light on so many brilliant artists, such as Lola Donoghue (love, love this print). Best wishes for the next six years and many, many more.

  285. Germaine /// 02.22.2015 /// 8:43pm

    So keen on your delicate and lovely aesthetic. Thank you for making my days more beautiful!

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    I’ve been a silent admirer of yours for a while–thank you for making such amazing artwork that definitely makes my day! Congratulations on 6 years– here’s to another six years!

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    I love your blog! It’s helped me discover so many new artists. Thank you and please keep going!

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    Congratulations on your sixth blog-birthday! I’m a new reader but I am having so, so much fun reading your old posts and discovering new, beautiful things. Keep up the good work! And thank you for hosting the giveaway… Truly a beautiful piece!

  290. marina frecchiane /// 02.22.2015 /// 9:55pm

    happy anniversary! i absolute love ur blog <3

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    It was a happy day when I first discovered The Jealous Curator – so much wonderful inspiration. The abstract is more marvellousness – would so love to have it!

  298. Lisa /// 02.22.2015 /// 10:33pm

    i would like to remember your anniversary fondly but staring at that print in my living room for years to come. Please 🙂

  299. Brittany /// 02.22.2015 /// 10:35pm

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    This is beautiful! And even more beautiful is what you do for the art world!! i appreciate this blog so very much and I “Creative Block” is so completely genius. Thanks for everything and congrats on 6 years of jealousy!!!

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    I am love with her work – thank you for sharing, and for making the world a little more beautiful! I hope your blog has many more years to come…

  303. Dajana Fabjanovich /// 02.22.2015 /// 11:15pm

    You kick arse, Danielle. Lola’s art kicks arse.

    Here’s to 6 years of highlighting amazing artists I might’ve never known about otherwise.


  304. Natalie Labelle /// 02.22.2015 /// 11:21pm

    Congratulations on your blog’s 6th year anniversary! So impressed with what you’ve accomplished, hugs to you. Lola Donoghue’s painting is dreamy.

  305. Lisa Gwen /// 02.22.2015 /// 11:24pm

    Congrats on your sixth anniversary; you truly have impeccable taste!

  306. Ko! /// 02.22.2015 /// 11:39pm

    Thanks for the ~*~inspiration~*~!!

  307. karen fisher hagel /// 02.22.2015 /// 11:40pm

    Danielle, love our site, your energy and learning about art through your posts, congratulations on your 6th blogiversary! I still remember the day you told Nellie and me all about finding your way from marine biology studies to art, and how enthusiastic you were about encouraging others to do what they love to do. You’re a lovely personification of that message. Thanks for sharing it all with us!

  308. Fredrika /// 02.22.2015 /// 11:41pm

    Love your blog! Gives me inspiration to be creative.

  309. Peipei /// 02.23.2015 /// 12:27am

    Following all the way from Beijing. Love the posts, really inspirational~ stay jealous and always curious:)

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    happy anniversary! Thanks for being such a major inspiration to me. Your posts put me in the best mood and provide constant inspiration.

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    I’ve only recently found your blog, and I love it! congrats on the six years!

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    Happy Anniversary! Thank you for all the inspiration and for turning jealousy into a force for good.

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    Ooh what a lovely giveaway- I love Lola’s work. Thanks for introducing me to so many wonderful artists, your blog is the first place I come when I need a little bit of inspiration.

  318. gaelle charlot /// 02.23.2015 /// 2:30am

    Happy anniversary, may your blog last forever!!

  319. Carmen. W /// 02.23.2015 /// 3:41am

    Congratulations 🙂 I recently got the book (so I could play along with the challenges) and am loving it so much!

    Here’s to many more years!


  320. Dina /// 02.23.2015 /// 3:56am

    I’m so jealous of YOU. I grudgingly congratulate you on six fabulous years. Cheers!

  321. Amber Timmerman /// 02.23.2015 /// 4:18am

    Congrats on following your passion for 6 years! It’s so inspiring to me.

    I’m excited about the chance to win this print. I’m already a fan of Lola’s work. I can’t recall if I found her because of you, or you because of her. Total win-win.

  322. Anna O'Riordan /// 02.23.2015 /// 4:30am

    Congrats and Happy anniversary from a Facebook follower! Great content and I’m a huge fan of Lola Donoghue. Discovered her on your site! 🙂

  323. Camille Budimir /// 02.23.2015 /// 4:39am

    i wish i’d win that.

  324. Ann Svanidze /// 02.23.2015 /// 4:55am

    Now inspiring so many people for so long (6 years) is a serious undertaking. Congratulations. You are great. Sending all the positive vibes and love your way from faraway Georgia.

  325. Flor /// 02.23.2015 /// 5:04am

    Congratulations on your 6th blogiversary! Love love love your blog, so inspiring!
    And Lola Donoghue’s art is so beautiful, I visit a lot her Etsy shop wishing to be able to buy something someday!

  326. Michael R /// 02.23.2015 /// 5:14am

    Congratulations on 6 years of blogging! I only discovered you a little while ago but there’s always something interesting to read. Many thanks!

  327. Rebecca /// 02.23.2015 /// 5:37am

    love your taste, congratulations on 6 years!

  328. Selena /// 02.23.2015 /// 5:41am

    congrats! Can’t believe its been 6 years!

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    Happy anniversary! (I want that on my wall!)

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    happy 6 years! I love this site and always find great artists to share with my students 🙂

  331. Melissa /// 02.23.2015 /// 5:52am

    Congrats on sharing wonders for 6 years! I wish I had started reading you before, you have been a revelation for me in the past couple of months! And I certainly wish to win this print, so delicate and eerie 🙂

    Thanks again for your work!

  332. Jackie /// 02.23.2015 /// 5:58am

    Congratulations! I love your blog and the gorgeous items featured on it – the ceramic bead necklaces and these paintings are my absolute favorite! To win one would do wonders for my tiny apartment 🙂

  333. Andrea /// 02.23.2015 /// 6:03am

    Congrats on this huge achievement! I have been a fan for many years and am always inspired by your posts. Thank you for this fabulous giveaway, the print is gorgeous!

  334. alex /// 02.23.2015 /// 6:08am

    Beautiful and fun to follow- THANKS Jealous Curator!

  335. Nanette Freeman /// 02.23.2015 /// 6:16am

    Can’t tell you how much I enjoy each and every one of your posts, Jealous Curator!

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    I have just the place for it! Brilliant Danielle, keep on shooting for the moon! xx

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    I love the Jealous Curator! Happy Anniversary!…(and….the 25th is my birthday!!!!)

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    I’ve been covering her work ever since you posted it a few months ago. Fabulous idea – congrats!

  340. Allie E. /// 02.23.2015 /// 6:31am

    I have been dueling over this painting since your posted her work before. Please Please Please let this be in my life!

  341. Kelly /// 02.23.2015 /// 6:34am

    Thanks for all the inspiration, I look forward to each new post!

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    congrats on your anniversary! love your blog

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    One of my daily stops on the web. Thank you! I love how you bring art to me every day.

  345. julie /// 02.23.2015 /// 6:47am

    oh man – amazing! happy anniv & fingers crossed the most-perfect-picture-ever comes home to me.

  346. Chrissy Poitras /// 02.23.2015 /// 6:56am

    So happy that you made this website! It is one of my favourite places on the internet. It was great meeting you in 2014. Also Lola Donoghue’s work is lovely 🙂

  347. Charlène /// 02.23.2015 /// 6:57am

    I would love to be the lucky one who is gonna win that beauty !! <3

  348. Suzanne /// 02.23.2015 /// 6:59am


  349. Kimberly Sarantakes /// 02.23.2015 /// 7:06am

    Just discovered you via facebook. Glad I did!

  350. Melissa /// 02.23.2015 /// 7:06am

    thank you for inspiring us to live simple and intense! I wish you more happy years of inspiring blogging!
    The giveaway is so amazing!

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    Congrats on your fabulosity! Love the blog, FB, the book. You’re the bees knees!! HUZZAH!

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  398. Jarka /// 02.23.2015 /// 10:29pm

    Hi there, congratulations! Sorry you did not reply when I pointed out to work of my friend scupltorist, he´s really great! In case if you change your mind: http://jankovarik.blogspot.cz/ thatś it! And in case if you would like to ship your give-away to Europe, here I am, in Prague.
    Best greetings!

  399. the jealous curator /// 02.23.2015 /// 10:35pm

    hey jarka! i don’t remember seeing your friend’s work but i just took a look now (very cool, but not exactly my taste)… and yes, europe is definitely included in this give away! 🙂

  400. Lorenzo /// 02.23.2015 /// 11:09pm

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    Looking forward to seeing more great taste

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    can you ever hear this enough times? I LOVE YOUR BLOG. it’s my daily lunchtime ritual…breaking up a sometimes nutty day with oh-so-gorgeous art! You wish you’d thought of that!?!???? you could never wish as much as I wish i had done these!!!
    congratulations! and many more successes to you.

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    Thank you for being such a wonderful source of inspiration, your blog makes frequent appearances in my uni coursework because it features the most relevant and exciting artists! xx

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    You are one of daily “musts”. I have been inspired, envious, delighted and encouraged by the work you present and the words you write. Thank you and here is to the years to come.

  501. Juliet Furst /// 02.24.2015 /// 4:24pm

    I’m a broke art student who would love nothing more than to show folks the work of a fellow artist. Pretty please pick me? 🙂 Also, congratulations! I love your Facebook posts. Thanks for making my feed worthwhile.

  502. Laurie /// 02.24.2015 /// 4:24pm

    WONDERFUL! Congratulations on your 6th anniversary and the amazing path that you have traveled. We are lucky to have journeyed this path with you.

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    I am in love with this painting! Would look pretty stellar in my new loft apartment 😉 Thank you for the amazing inspiration over the past six years. I have discovered so many amazing artists through your blog. Thank you!

  506. Janna Zachary /// 02.24.2015 /// 4:27pm

    So gorgeous!
    Fingers crossed.

  507. Sarah /// 02.24.2015 /// 4:27pm

    Thank you for curating things of beauty and inspiration for the rest of the world, reminding us to slow down and take a second look.

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    This is an insanely beautiful piece. Of course, I would love it! Above my bed! Or really, anywhere… You know, the colours kind of remind me of birthday cake, which seems appropriate for this occasion.

  512. Sam Leaden /// 02.24.2015 /// 4:32pm

    Congratulations on your anniversary! Cheers to next 6 years and on!

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  526. Alex Mae /// 02.24.2015 /// 4:46pm

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    This would be SO amazing to hang on my wall! So beautiful! Thank you for all your work and all the inspiration you have given me over the years!!!

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    Yay what a great way to celebrate your anniversary! So in love with Lola’s work. Congrats on 6 great years ❤️

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    love looking at and sharing your inspiration❤️ So beautiful!!

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    Such fond thanks for all your time and energy. Your site is a constant source of beauty, inspiration, and encouragement that art effing matters. It matters!

  540. rania watts /// 02.24.2015 /// 5:03pm

    6 years is quite the accomplishment! congrats! x

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    What an incredible giveaway! I’ve enjoyed your page so much 🙂 amazing taste! All the best in years to come !

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    You make every day better. In my eyes. Thanks for the blog/facebook

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    love love love this & I am new to your blog but will be hitting up those archives to look at all the gorgeousness <3

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    I love your blog and I thank you for making it happen 6 years ago.
    Congrats and keep it running…….please.

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  548. Tracy Fillion /// 02.24.2015 /// 5:26pm

    congratulations on your 6 year anniversary! I discovered your blog and IG feed about a year ago and am grateful for it. You’ve exposed me to some fantastic new artists. Including Lola Donoghue- who has been my new favourite!

  549. Nikki /// 02.24.2015 /// 5:26pm

    Just recently discovered your site and love all you’re sharing. Congrats on 6 years!

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    Thank you for learning us all about so many special artists! And for giving the artists a little more notice from others. I`ve been following your blog for some time and I`m glad to share your posts! Your work brought a lot of inspiration to my life and I really appreciate your taste. Happy 6 years anniversary! 🙂

  552. rachael z /// 02.24.2015 /// 5:34pm

    Congrats on the big 6! Would LOVE to win this print 😉

  553. miranda rose levy /// 02.24.2015 /// 5:35pm


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  563. Marilyn Rock /// 02.24.2015 /// 5:57pm

    It is always a sweet explosion when I see your posts. Congratulations on a job well done!

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    Love your blog, so much fun to look at. I have always admired Lola’s work. Congrats on your 6th yr. Anniversary.

  567. Adam Dorland /// 02.24.2015 /// 6:05pm

    So thankful for your blog. Have learned so much about contemporary art and brilliant artists working today from The Jealous Curator. Huge fan! P.S. Lola Donoghue is my desktop wallpaper at work.

  568. Carmen Faye /// 02.24.2015 /// 6:07pm

    so much love! xo

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    I’m so glad that I found you on Facebook. You bring inspiration! I DO need to look into your books! Happy Anniversary to you & your blog. May you have many more happy years together.

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    yay!! & gorgeous piece!

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    It is a treat to witness and participate in the visual adventure and inspiration that is the Jealous Curator. Congratulations and here is to many more artistic delights and deliciousness to come!

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  583. Friends call me Go Away /// 02.24.2015 /// 7:02pm

    Stunning piece! Would fit my studio perfectly. Congratulations on your 6th anniversary, you deserve golden/candy/whatever-you-like mountains for serving us all such delightful pieces of art over and over. BIG thank you

  584. Kelly Parkins /// 02.24.2015 /// 7:04pm

    your blog is a daily inspiration. Keep up the excellent work.

  585. Nicola /// 02.24.2015 /// 7:20pm

    Big congratulations to you. I revel in your FB posts and blogs and I now have your two books which I can’t wait to get into. You deserve our following and I’m very grateful to have found you this last year or so. All the very best for the next 6 years, more wonderful happenings to follow :)x

  586. Nicola /// 02.24.2015 /// 7:25pm

    I forgot to say – I adore Lola Donoghue’s work. It’s a very generous gesture to choose her as the Artist to treat one of us with. I’m not sure I could give up one of her works!

  587. tina /// 02.24.2015 /// 7:27pm

    gorgeous piece. congratulations.

  588. Maria O. /// 02.24.2015 /// 7:33pm

    Happy anniversary to you and your wonderful blog! I’m inspired by your desire to make art accessible and relevant to everyone!! Blessings!

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    I’m so happy I found your blog, brings a smile to me face with every new post! Thanks to you I came across Lola’s beautiful art awhile back and haven’t stopped following her work since – what a talent!
    Congrats on your success!

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    Congrats on your 6 years! This is one of my favorite feeds! Here’s to more awesome art in the future.

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  594. rose /// 02.24.2015 /// 7:48pm

    I really love the things you post, it is a really fresh finger on the pulse of the art world.
    Most arts magazines are quite niche and I just want to thank you for posting so much great content.

    – Rose

  595. Christin Erjavec /// 02.24.2015 /// 7:57pm

    So beautiful! Makes my heart skip a beat.

  596. Christine Rossi /// 02.24.2015 /// 8:15pm

    Happy Blogiversary!!

    I love your blog, I look forward to seeing it on my news feed everyday!


  597. Kyndall /// 02.24.2015 /// 8:21pm

    I love your posts, and such a beautiful painting! Congratulations on 6 years!

  598. Natalia Auza /// 02.24.2015 /// 8:22pm

    I am a Graphic Designer from Querétaro (a small city in México). My friend and I have started a little brand, which consists of hand printed goods and we constantly refer to you as our inspiration. We love what you’ve created with this site. It’s so admirable that you dedicate yourself to promoting artists from all over the place. Sometimes in the art scene if people do not have the “right contacts” or that kind of thing they don’t get as much exposure as other people who may not be as talented. Like you say, you make us so jealous that you inspire us to get back in the studio and create our own things. Also, I’m a HUGE fan of your collages. – Natalia

  599. Staci Leech-Cornell /// 02.24.2015 /// 8:27pm

    Happy blogiversary! Congratulations and here’s to many more years to come!

  600. eileen t /// 02.24.2015 /// 8:29pm

    JC, I love your blog and so does my daughter, who just graduated from Bard in printmaking. I look forward to all of the artwork that you find!!I don’t know how you pick from so many comments, but I would love to win the 6 years painting by Lola Donahue! Thank you for all the hard work and hours to put on such a stellar blog! xo

  601. Sophie Nak /// 02.24.2015 /// 8:30pm

    Congrats! This blog is absolutely incredible and I hope this blogiversary is one of many more to come!
    What a wonderful print 🙂

  602. Sari /// 02.24.2015 /// 8:41pm

    JC, this is Sari, from México, I´m a visual artist college student. I found your blog a while ago and I´m deeply touched by it. Thanks for bringing back the goodness of Art. I enjoy your blog and I celebrate with you these wonderful 6 years. GRACIAS POR TU TRABAJO, Congrats.

  603. cheiron /// 02.24.2015 /// 8:47pm

    Congrats on 6 years. Thank you for introducing me to the work of so many fabulous artists! Love this gorgeous print too.

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    THIS IS SO EXCITING! congratulations on year 6 – you’re awesome!! xxxxxx

  605. Esther /// 02.24.2015 /// 8:49pm

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    Happy 6th Anniversary! What an accomplishment! Thanks for sharing so many inspiring artists. Cheers to 6 more bloggeriffic years! I hope you can return to Victoria BC again sometime in 2015!

  608. Crystal S /// 02.24.2015 /// 9:04pm

    Happy 6 Years!!! Thank you for all you do!

  609. madelief /// 02.24.2015 /// 9:05pm

    Massive congrats to you for 6 years! Thanks for bringing us a wonderfully curated collection time and time again. Keeping fingers crossed as I love that print.

  610. Micaela /// 02.24.2015 /// 9:06pm

    I’m a actual curator of rare books in the medical field and our 3-4 art installations each year. I love your posts, live the enwrgy you being to the “hunt.” Best wishes for a lovely spring. To 6 more years!

  611. Emma Field /// 02.24.2015 /// 9:08pm

    happy anniversary!! That painting is gorgeous!

  612. susan /// 02.24.2015 /// 9:09pm

    Beautiful whimsy!

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    Thank you for keeping new art alive and out there for all to see.

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    happy6 — appreciate your art finds xx

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    LOVE YOUR BLOG!! jealous of the artworks that you posted, but more jealous of you for doing an awesome job at what you love. Cheers and happy aanniversary!!

  617. Abby /// 02.24.2015 /// 9:40pm

    without doubt one of my favourite blogs congrats on the big milestone!! 😀

  618. Hannah /// 02.24.2015 /// 10:06pm

    This would look really good on my wall

  619. KK /// 02.24.2015 /// 10:12pm

    Wishes… Wishes… Happy!!!
    6 years longevity in this world of impermanance

  620. Jess /// 02.24.2015 /// 10:18pm

    we really enjoy your posts and style of curating 😉

  621. Nur Miza /// 02.24.2015 /// 10:38pm

    Happy Anniversary to you!!! Found out about your scrumptious blog a year back, and it has been given me lots of inspiration, and ooh and ahhs ever since.
    I started college a year and a half ago, and am proud and blessed that your blog has given me wondrous perspectives.
    I definetely am proud to say that I am a jealous curator!!
    Stay awesome.

  622. Alina /// 02.24.2015 /// 10:52pm

    Hey, I already have an amazing space for this beauty of an art! Happy anniversary and well, fingers selfishly crossed.

  623. Laura /// 02.24.2015 /// 11:05pm

    Fingers crossed x

  624. Hannah Taylor /// 02.24.2015 /// 11:15pm

    Congratulations on 6 years, here’s to many many more!!

    Love Lola Donoghues art it’s simply gorgeous, and love how you’ve helped to make her work become known. Well done. You are a credit to all who follow you.


  625. Dineke /// 02.24.2015 /// 11:16pm

    I have a bit of empty wall left and would love to fill it with this piece of art

  626. Stephanie clark /// 02.24.2015 /// 11:27pm

    Oh yessss you will be mine…oh yes, you will be mine!

  627. María DÍAZ /// 02.24.2015 /// 11:44pm

    thank you for your art passion and for sharing with us! greetings from Spain! ❤️

  628. Jazmin McHugh /// 02.24.2015 /// 11:45pm

    Happy 6th Birthday!

  629. Mia /// 02.24.2015 /// 11:46pm

    It will certainly be a beautiful decoration on my living room wall.
    I do appreciate this type of art, and I would never be able to make such a beautiful painting myself.

  630. Jo Richardson /// 02.24.2015 /// 11:47pm

    I want to buy one of these prints. But even better if I could win one! Happy Anniversary! X

  631. Amy /// 02.25.2015 /// 12:06am

    Congratulations on such an amazing achievement! Love everything you share!

  632. Hollie /// 02.25.2015 /// 12:10am

    Happy Anniversary! You need to celebrate like all 6 year olds do.. party hats, bouncy castles and ice cream. And a tantrum and a nap. Zzzzz. 🙂

  633. Monique Ewan /// 02.25.2015 /// 12:13am

    Love reading your posts every day. So fun and inspirational! Thank you for all that you do!
    Happy anniversary from New Zealand!

  634. cris /// 02.25.2015 /// 12:15am

    Hey superwoman!
    I’m jealous of your blog, your books, your taste and your sense of humour… So Only winning Such a beauty could compensaré that hahaha.

    Now seriously, contrats on every achievement during these 6 years and keep up the good work! You’re a source of inspiration, not Only art-wise.

    Happy happy day!


  635. Celeste Morosco /// 02.25.2015 /// 12:23am

    Yay, 6 years under the belt! Here’s to many more years of drooling over beauty!

  636. Marta /// 02.25.2015 /// 12:23am

    Congratulations for your blog! Happy Anniversary 🙂

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    Wow! Congrats on 6 years!! I love this blog. I hope you have another 6 amazing years to follow!

  638. Augustine /// 02.25.2015 /// 12:26am

    Keep it up!!
    Really beautiful portal! Love Lola’s work.
    Greetings from Athens, Greece.

  639. Anita /// 02.25.2015 /// 12:28am

    Happy anniversary! I just LOVE your blog!❤️

  640. Rachael /// 02.25.2015 /// 12:29am

    Hi there!
    I just wanted to say a big hello and congratulations from NZ! I am I high school art teacher, and me and my students love and follow your blog – infact It’s even written into my seniors exam assignment to follow your bolg, haha!
    thankyou for all the inspiration everyday, it really helps what I do 🙂

  641. Batu /// 02.25.2015 /// 12:32am

    Happy anniversary!

  642. Alexandra Besuijen /// 02.25.2015 /// 12:35am

    I love your blog; it’s so inspiring! Love the print too…

  643. Danielle /// 02.25.2015 /// 12:35am

    Love your work.happy anniversaire.

  644. Janel /// 02.25.2015 /// 12:36am

    Happy anniversary! I’m loving your Creative Block book. Thank you for inspiring me to start creating again after a baby-induced hiatus.

  645. Sabrina Kirwam /// 02.25.2015 /// 12:42am

    Happy 6 Year Blogiversary!! Love your blog and it gave me much joy to see your pics from Limerick , Ireland recently. Your blog gives us all access to some beautiful artworks and amazing artistic knowledge.
    Huge thanks!! Also I was in the year above Lola in the Painting Dept.at Limerick School of Art & Design ; so it would be absolutely wonderful to actually have one of her beauties on my wall!
    Here’s to another amazing 6 Years!! 🙂

  646. Ceal Warnants /// 02.25.2015 /// 12:45am


  647. Alanna Wescott /// 02.25.2015 /// 1:02am

    wow grats on 6 years! Can’t wait to congratulate in another 6!

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    Happy anniversary, thankyou for sharing your love of art.

  649. Lucy /// 02.25.2015 /// 1:13am

    thanks so much for the awe inspiring posts! Really cheer my day!!! X

  650. Rachel Cooper /// 02.25.2015 /// 1:37am

    What an opportunity! Well done on 6 years, my 6 year old son is my biggest achievement in life, a great number! Would love to display this piece to my fellow Aussies (Australians).

  651. Rachel Cooper /// 02.25.2015 /// 1:38am

    What an opportunity! Well done on 6 years, my 6 year old son is my biggest achievement in life, a great number! Would love to display and share this piece with my fellow Aussies (Australians).

  652. Joc Ridgway /// 02.25.2015 /// 1:43am

    From a jealous reader to a jealous curator…congratulations! I’ve owned my homewares store selling local artists works for 13 years. I know how much work it takes to keep things fresh and shiny. You’re a trailblazer and champion for the arts, keep up the great work!


  653. Kat /// 02.25.2015 /// 1:45am

    This is beautiful!

  654. Amie /// 02.25.2015 /// 2:04am

    Congratulations and well done! x

  655. Anna Littorin /// 02.25.2015 /// 2:28am

    Happy Anniversary! Following your blog makes me so happy. I love viewing all the beautiful, interesting artwork you find.

  656. Ocean /// 02.25.2015 /// 2:51am

    beautiful as always!

  657. Amanda R /// 02.25.2015 /// 3:00am

    Fingers crossed. Happy Anniversary! Thank you for all of the beautiful art you share.

  658. Mar /// 02.25.2015 /// 3:12am

    I am seriously obsessed with Lola Donoghue since I saw her art on thejealouscurator!!
    I have one of her paintings as a wallpaper in my phone, waiting to be able to get my hands on one of her paintings.
    Love her vision and expressive art!

  659. Pia /// 02.25.2015 /// 3:16am

    Happy anniversary !

  660. Vanessa Puopolo /// 02.25.2015 /// 3:34am

    So darlingly beautiful x

  661. Lewis Hazen /// 02.25.2015 /// 3:47am

    Her work is absolutely stunning! I can’t get over how beautiful the colors are in every single piece of hers. Congrats on the anniversary!!

  662. Penelope Tsoutas /// 02.25.2015 /// 3:54am

    Lola Donoghue’s painting would make my life. I could not be happier if I were picked.

  663. Heiddis /// 02.25.2015 /// 3:57am

    Happy anniversary! Beautiful print!

  664. lisa s /// 02.25.2015 /// 4:06am

    Congratulations! Your blog and books have helped reignite my need to explore my own art again. It has helped me feel inspired and truthful about my artistic abilities. Thank you so much!

  665. Sarah Archambeault /// 02.25.2015 /// 4:26am

    Congratulations for the anniversary! It’s really nice to see an art blogger who is so prolific in their work. It always inspires me with my own art to take a peek here and see what other art is out there!

  666. Ann Marie Coolick /// 02.25.2015 /// 4:26am

    Love Lola’s work! Congrats on your anniversary!

  667. Andrea /// 02.25.2015 /// 4:38am

    Great anniversary present!! Congrats on your 6 years!! 🙂

  668. Imke /// 02.25.2015 /// 4:51am

    Your blog is awesome! I am so grateful that I have found you and grateful for your continuous wonderful inspiration and positivity. Congratulations for the 6th anniversary!

  669. Konstantina /// 02.25.2015 /// 5:05am

    Happy anniversary! Great painting! <3

  670. Jess Jaime /// 02.25.2015 /// 5:11am

    From fledging artists to spellbinding sculptors, notes on phenomenal illustrators to asides on life itself, I turn to your blog for the sweet flavor of mixed inspiration and excitement for what could be. I start a new design job in two weeks and it would mean a lot to decorate the bare white wall behind my new desk with this print. Thanks for your work in making a kick-ass blog and fingers crossed you pick my name!

  671. Rineke /// 02.25.2015 /// 5:35am

    6 years already!? Wow! Ive been folowing you for about a year now and i love everything you post! Keep up the good work and happy anniversary! Ps: i loveeeee the painting <3

  672. Carlota Dochao /// 02.25.2015 /// 5:37am

    Happy Anniversary and great bloggg !

  673. Lauren Kennedy /// 02.25.2015 /// 5:40am

    Love it! And I know the perfect place to hang it. Congrats on six years!

  674. Leena Kiber /// 02.25.2015 /// 5:57am

    Happy anniversary!

  675. Sarah Lee /// 02.25.2015 /// 5:59am

    Happy anniversary 😉

  676. Sarah Martinez /// 02.25.2015 /// 6:01am

    I’ve loved following your blog – what wonderful work you do, appreciating and promoting beautiful art! Lola Donoghue’s work is incredible, I have a tiny original piece of hers and it makes me happy every time I see it.

    Congratulations on your 6 years!


  677. Elin /// 02.25.2015 /// 6:07am

    Happy anniversary!
    Love the print.. (this would make any dormroom a masterpiece) as all of the awesome inspirational work on your blog! Keep up the good work! 😀 to another 6 years whoohoo

  678. Eva Ruiter /// 02.25.2015 /// 6:22am

    Wohaaaa, so many posts! Happy anniversary!

  679. Eva Ruiter /// 02.25.2015 /// 6:23am


  680. Sarah H /// 02.25.2015 /// 6:52am

    Congratulation on your 6 years anniversary!!!!
    Thank you for the everyday beauty and inspiration you give!


  681. Danielle Cruz /// 02.25.2015 /// 6:52am

    Congratulations! Love your blog and been following for a few years now. <3

  682. Melanie Rydings /// 02.25.2015 /// 7:07am

    Big fan forever….BFF! Thanks for sharing your life and work with us.

  683. christina massey /// 02.25.2015 /// 7:11am

    Congrats on 6 years! That’s amazing, hope you keep going for many years to come:)

  684. Morgan MacDonald /// 02.25.2015 /// 7:21am

    Love following your site. Am currently in the process of decorating a new apartment, and this would be an amazing starting point!

  685. mary /// 02.25.2015 /// 7:33am

    beauty. congrats on your success.

  686. Kirsten /// 02.25.2015 /// 7:47am

    What a beautiful way to cellebrate!
    6 years blogging, wow! I just follow you for 1,5 years and love your style! It’s completely different from mine, but that does make me appericiate the blog even more.
    I wish you many years to come/blog 😉

    And ofcourse this painting, WOW <3 a-mazing

  687. Sarah Hurwitz /// 02.25.2015 /// 8:02am

    oh me me me! I just discovered this blog in the last year. but lurves it!

  688. Annie Chang /// 02.25.2015 /// 8:12am

    I hope I win! Congratulations and thank you for the inspiration, motivation and passion!!

  689. lien paulissen /// 02.25.2015 /// 8:27am

    o wauw! I already used her paintings as my screensaver 🙂 congrats on your 6 year anniversary ! xxx

  690. shawna vb /// 02.25.2015 /// 8:31am

    Drool …

  691. Klaudia Rostowska /// 02.25.2015 /// 8:32am

    Wonderful! Don’t know words which can describe your work!

  692. Mark Smith /// 02.25.2015 /// 8:46am

    Congrats on an amazing six years! Keep up the good work. Can’t wait to see what’s in store for the next!

  693. Jillian Lewis /// 02.25.2015 /// 8:58am

    Beautiful print! Love this blog.

  694. Le /// 02.25.2015 /// 9:32am

    Congrats, I really love this site, you have such an amazing eye! x

  695. Josée /// 02.25.2015 /// 9:35am

    Congrats ! I love your blog…and this painting !

  696. if /// 02.25.2015 /// 10:22am

    i would love to look at this artwork every day! happy birthday jealous curator!

  697. Albena /// 02.25.2015 /// 11:21am

    Congrats, your blog is awesome and very inspirational.
    The print is beautiful.

  698. Louise /// 02.25.2015 /// 11:25am

    Happy anniversary! Thank you for sharing inspiring artwork and promoting amazing artists! The print is lovely.

  699. Beth /// 02.25.2015 /// 3:52pm

    I’m a bit post-birthday drunk. This is lovely. Have a nice day xxx

  700. Magdalene /// 02.25.2015 /// 4:51pm

    Happy anniversary!!! Lovely print too 😉

  701. Cianna /// 02.25.2015 /// 8:41pm

    Happy Anniversary!! I love this piece!

  702. Lea /// 02.25.2015 /// 10:15pm

    Oh such a beauty! I wish you a happy anniversary, you do an awesome job!
    The painting would fit perfectly in my first own home 🙂

    Liebe Grüße aus Deutschland! 🙂

  703. Ruth Waddingham /// 02.25.2015 /// 10:34pm

    im so jealous, im jealousjealouscuratorfan.com. Congratulations on 6 years, looking forward to the next 6. Ruth

  704. Boglarka Medgyes /// 02.26.2015 /// 12:55am

    Congratulations!! Thank you for all the gorgeous art you post every day, and this painting is stunning!

  705. Megan mcdonald /// 02.27.2015 /// 2:59pm

    Wow! Love the blog and the painting

  706. abby caperton /// 03.06.2015 /// 7:58am

    congrats! this painting is gorge.