sarah ball


I wrote about UK based painter Sarah Ball, and her series of mugshot portraits, two years ago. Well, she’s currently working on a huge new body of work, titled “Immigrants”, that is equally lovely, very emotional, and beautifully painted. These are just a few of my favorites… all of these ladies happen to be Romanian, but each portrait in this series tells it’s own story. Are they excited? Terrified? Both, perhaps. Sarah is still working on pieces in this series for an extensive exhibition that will open this August in Cornwall at Millennium Gallery. If you’re there this summer… GO.

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  1. zandra zuraw /// 06.08.2015 /// 8:36am

    WOW! These are so rich, layered, beautiful! And I just checked out the mugshot portraits, too. Thanks for uncovering all of these amazing artists!

  2. marianne /// 06.08.2015 /// 9:20am

    Incredible~emotional~beautiful! I love the fine details and the deep clear look in everyone’s eyes, epecially the young blue eyed girl. Amazing!

  3. Sarah Ball: Damaged Humans, 2014via the jealous curator | Illustrated Monthly Blog /// 06.10.2015 /// 11:03pm

    […] via the jealous curator […]

  4. David Settino Scott /// 08.05.2020 /// 10:04pm

    Fabulous paintings. exquisite portraits, wish that I had done them… So good..

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