anatol knotek


“nothing lasts forever” ; “time is running out” ; “up & down” ; “alone” ; “when the sun goes down” ; “we all make mistapes” … LOVE! Clever, clean, text-based work by Austrian artist Anatol Knotek. I’m even feeling inspired to make a few mistapes today. Happy Monday.

comments (6)

  1. John /// 01.19.2016 /// 3:27am

    Absolutely brilliant! I might pinch the last one as I’m forever telling the kids in my art class that they are allowed to make mistakes.

  2. the joy of a good word – pillowtalkscribbles /// 01.19.2016 /// 11:22am

    […] via {the jealous curator} […]

  3. Dawn Connelly /// 01.23.2016 /// 3:49pm

    So clever! I love “Nothing Lasts Forever”. Well done Anatol Knotek.

  4. Lorena /// 01.26.2016 /// 9:30pm

    Absolutely loved this… Specially on January, and after Holidays…

  5. H E X /// 03.29.2017 /// 9:39pm

    […] Anatol Knotek, text-based work […]

  6. anatol knotek – Mooods /// 05.25.2017 /// 3:19am

    […] […]

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