koo seong youn


I didn’t think I could love peonies any more than I already do… until Korean artist Koo Seong Youn made them out of sweet, sticky, colorful candy! Here’s a little bit about her still life photography series, titled <Candy>, and why she chose peonies:

<Candy> series derives its motif from the peony folk painting. Peony is known as symbol of wealth and honour. Thus folding screens of peony have been set up in the wedding hall or banquet hall. Small painting of peony was hung on the wall of newly-married couple’s room. In the past they might prayed for prosperous things to this splendid flower painting. Now they seem to be very naive when they depended on not a strong and timeless object like gold or sun, but on the transient flowers, as even though they are very dazzling and beautiful in full bloom, they soon disappear without any trace. Secular accomplishment, like momentary sweet but shortly melting candy in the end of the tongue, is actually futile.

{via Design*Sponge}

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  1. Terri L Hitzig /// 01.22.2016 /// 11:19am

    I love the many shades of Pink!

  2. Lysa /// 01.23.2016 /// 9:24am

    Wha? How is that even possible? Amazing. I’ll be looking at candy in a whole new way now.

  3. hi /// 06.02.2019 /// 4:57am

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