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Found photos, from around the world, living harmoniously in a seamless, new, and totally fictional landscape. Gorgeous. All of these pieces are from the very appropriately titled series, “The Fiction Landscapes”, by LA based J. Frede. Here is part of his very poetic artist statement about this work:

“… The visual of how well the lands meet and continue also creates a dialog about how the land beneath our feet is connected to the land beneath our loved ones feet possibly thousands of miles away. Further more it can be argued that all of the land is connected beneath all of our feet spanning continents and beyond where the divisions are not humanly perceivable. One constant line drawn below us around the globe and back to us, with a center meeting point just under our shoes in which ever direction you choose to face.”

Ahh, so true. I think I’ll go call my mom now.

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  1. Cecile /// 01.20.2016 /// 6:10am

    Sort of on a different topic, but I saw one of the large-scale diamond paintings you had here recently on the first episode of Transparent last night!

  2. the jealous curator /// 01.20.2016 /// 8:45am

    oh cool!

  3. Maz /// 01.20.2016 /// 1:20pm

    Sweet Georgia Brown, these are amazing.

  4. the jealous curator /// 01.20.2016 /// 4:45pm


  5. Sabine S. /// 01.21.2016 /// 3:38am

    I luv the amazing framing very much – and the assemblings too!
    Thnx for sharing!

  6. Regina /// 01.21.2016 /// 8:16am

    I adore these! I wonder, does he build the frames himself?

  7. Lauren /// 01.22.2016 /// 7:54am

    Whoa- those hit like a ton of bricks- Amazing!

  8. Terri L Hitzig /// 01.22.2016 /// 11:16am

    What a wonderfully creative idea!

  9. j.frede /// 01.23.2016 /// 7:47am

    thanks so much for featuring the work ! and yes I do make all the frames custom in my studio from walnut.

  10. Amy Tingle /// 01.23.2016 /// 10:06am

    I fell in love when I saw these on IG. Beautiful. And I just learned how to make miniature books out of old landscape postcards so I sense a new obsession forming . . .