meghan jean


Oh, I do love mundane subject matter and muted palettes… enter the oil paintings (on collaged paper!) of California based artist¬†Meghan Jean. Sigh.¬†Nothing like finding beauty in the everyday. In fact, do that right now. Look around and find something beautiful. A shadow, a texture, an old chair that you don’t even notice anymore. Yep, we’re surrounded.

{via Fresh Paint Magazine}

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  1. Amandine /// 01.21.2016 /// 12:39pm

    I find it so beautiful! There is a feeling of stillness and melancholy, a bit like in Edward Hopper’s paintings.

  2. Marianne Clancy /// 01.21.2016 /// 4:01pm

    I agree with Amandine’s comments. Calm and still imagery and balanced with flat matte color that pulls you in even more, as if we need anything to do this. I love her work!

  3. Sister Hilda /// 01.21.2016 /// 9:45pm

    What do you mean by collaged paper? Does she make it herself?

  4. Rania Watts /// 01.25.2016 /// 5:52am

    thoughtful body of work… beautiful colour palette… i love the faded shadowy look…

  5. Coco Spadoni /// 01.30.2016 /// 12:10am

    I love these, they remind me of archiving moments and little snippets of the artist’s memory. Thank you for sharing!