sherry knutson


Oooh, pretty and sassy. These paintings are the lovely work of California based artist Sherry Knutson. Golden, delicate and loose… yet strangely perfect. Happy Friday.

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  1. María Ysasi /// 03.11.2016 /// 3:29am

    Amazing! So delicate, all these bras flying, I love it.

    Today instagram didn´t let me post 2 comments in your cover. I posted “oh” and wanted to say more but they banned me! I don´t understand!

    Anyway, I just wanted to tell you this: The cover and the title for your book are both so YOU (and Martha of course). I want to have one copy to read and one copy to frame. It´s wonderful.

    Congratulations! 😀

  2. Kimberly Santini /// 03.11.2016 /// 6:33am

    wow. These are just stunning. Concept, execution, design, impact. LOVE!!

  3. Monika Rybińska /// 03.11.2016 /// 11:17am

    For a moment I thought they were wearable and I wanted to buy them.

  4. Amy Tingle /// 03.12.2016 /// 3:53am

    I’m with Monika, I wanted to buy these!!!

  5. Pegret Harrison /// 03.12.2016 /// 4:33am

    The underwear is wonderful, composition, looseness of putting paint on a surface but totally hangs together the further away you view, lovely

  6. Lindsay Stripling /// 03.12.2016 /// 8:53am

    That’s awesome! Sherry also has some gorgeous doughnuts that she painted, she’s rad

  7. Sherry Knutson /// 03.12.2016 /// 9:44am

    What a lovely Friday seeing visual hugs from so many people!!
    Thank you Lindsey!! And take note my paintings and prints are for sale- for your wall to wear Much love Sherry

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